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Feeding your family by hunting and fishing

One of the nice things about being married to an avid outdoorsmen is our freezer is always full of meat and fish.  We have mostly venison from the fall hunting season and fish from the spring and summer months.  It isn’t enough to feed us everyday, but it is plenty enough that has saved us a substantial amount on our grocery bill.

I rarely talk about hunting and fishing on this blog and I’m really not sure why.  Hunting and fishing can be a great part of living a frugal lifestyle.  Not only has it provided meat for our table but it also has provided us with enjoying time together.  Sure you can spend a ton of money and both sports, but you can also find ways to keep those cost to a minimum.

Kristine and I take part in a lot of online outdoor communities and a big part of what we talk about is getting kids outdoors and back to nature.  I remember when I was a kid, I knew a lot of kids that enjoyed hunting and fishing.   (more…)

The Great Coupon Experiment

The first thing I discovered is I’m probably an atypical food buyer, at least when it comes to coupons.  A lot of the foods for which coupons are offered are things I wouldn’t buy either because my lifestyle doesn’t call for them (things like diapers or pet food) or because of dietary restrictions ( I have to watch salt so a lot of packaged or processed foods are out).   This means that some of the coupons that I might otherwise use I don’t use, which then limits my potential savings.

Still, I did find out a few useful things this week.  One is that there are a lot of useful online sites where I can find and print coupons for free.   This had concerned me a little bit, because I tend to read my news online and paying for a Sunday paper simply for the coupons seemed kind of wasteful.  Now I’ve discovered I can find the same coupons online, which means I can save the cost of the paper and still find the coupons I need.   I particularly liked the Smartsource coupon site, and found it easy to use. (more…)

Dating Site for Single Parents

No matter what situations cause you to be a single parent, there is absolutely no reason why your life still must go on just because of your children.

Obviously, your kids become your main concerns and you must ensure that your children daily needs must be fulfilled. Sometime this will force you to work harder everyday so that you have a sufficient amount of money coming in to look after your kids, most importantly if you do not have any financial support from others.

Becoming a single parent, dating is extremely difficult. You wish to meet a person that understands that your child is your main priority, so someone who also has kids can understand your time limitations. (more…)

Naturally fermented probiotics VS Lab produced probiotics supplements

Many of the bacteria give more benefits to our health. Bacteria that help are known as probiotic, considering that they are living microorganisms that deliver various health benefits. One solution to enjoy such benefits is to consume fermented foods. Another alternative is to consume one of the many probiotic supplements that you can purchase at a drug store or health food store and most of these supplements are lab-produced. Probiotic supplements are increasing in popularity as people want to get the benefits that are produced by probiotics but do not want to eat fermented foods.

Consuming a probiotic pill seems like a simple method to obtain the helpful bacteria your gut loves. On the other hand, there are particular health benefits to getting probiotic from fermented foods naturally rather than a lab produced probiotic supplement. Such supplements may claim that they carry the essential amount of bacterial colonies – however, do they really? An expert conducted an independent research of various probiotic supplements. In accordance with their discoveries, not all probiotic supplements have some organisms listed on the product label. (more…)

Things you should know before buying memory foam floor mattress

Many people, especially young professionals and college students, rent apartments or live in dormitories in which they are unable to determine the size of their mattress should be. If you are an individual who wish to have a larger floor space in a bedroom, then chances are you would be trying to find a floor mattress.

If you get pleasure from the softness of a conventional, spring bed mattress, but also need the back support of a floor mattress, then a memory foam mattress can be the right choice. This type of mattress offer perfect cushioning and body forming capabilities. (more…)

Painting Job That Match With The Bedroom Interior Design

When it comes to bedroom interior design, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Firstly, this room is the most crucial place where you relax after a hard day’s work. A bedroom is the most private part of your house. Thus, it should be soothing, functional, as well as modern. To make this part of your house aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and cozy, it is very important to choose the right bedroom interior painting. Today, the trend is using a combo of two or more colors to decorate the interiors. That is the reason when choosing colors for your home interiors, you must be confident of your ability to choose the right combinations.

Before you decide upon the colors for your bedroom, it is important to decide whether you want the harmonious and peaceful room or bold and bright room. (more…)