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I switched to another kind of hobby

Hobbies do really change from time to time. It depends on the primary needs of the hobbyist of what to have as a hobby and how long should he/she be dealing with it. In my own experience, I’ve been into a hobby of breeding fish when I was in my elementary stage. I went to a level of being an avid pet lover. It was really satisfying to see that you have grown your pets from a size that’s not even visible to a huge fully grown animal. But sad to say that an accident massively swiped out my pets and a devastating flood destroyed everything. From that time I felt sorrow on the death of my pets and I am too dry to make it up again.

So, I switched to another kind of hobby. I opened my windows to another great opportunity by trying to play guitar. I learned doing some stuffs with my acoustic guitar and find out that it was really amazing. Until the time came that I engage into composing songs. So with that my hobby gets advance because of the additional stuffs. (more…)

ISP problem

I was freaking out when I noticed that my internet connection seems to have some difficult problems. I found it very confusing where to start my troubleshooting. I could say that the modem was functioning well because of the functional indicators. It is a set of four LED light which serves as the indication for the modem’s power, WLAN, signal, and mode. Off course in the process of troubleshooting I need to first read the consumer manual because there might be something very critical and needs proper safety. Anyway I never did physical contact on the modems internal hardware because I know it’s just a matter of software problems.

I performed several methods that I know can be the solution for my problem but I never found myself successful. So at the end I realized that there must me something wrong with my ISP. (more…)

Hard to convince people

It is very hard to convince people who don’t want to listen. These past few days I’ve been spending few moments arguing with several people around me. Well it about the very few matters towards religious facts that I believe. The issue was triggered because they found out that I visited a place wherein there is a group of people who are into religious things such as preaching the good news, and reading, sharing and interpreting the Holy Scriptures. I found it very nice to spend some times with them because I just want to be knowledgeable in dealing with my religion. But my family means it as a cult and is dangerous for me but I know more of it because I was the one who saw and witness the place.

I appreciate their ways because not like others who are into the same things, I notice that there is peace of mind in there. Not like the other catholic groups around the city, they don’t mind if there are only a few of people in their circle. (more…)


Do you love your office cube? A certain percentage of people working in many offices aren’t happy with their workstations.  And because of that they often fail to fulfill their duties and they turn out to be unproductive workers. So, in the later days they end up losing the job or resigning from it. Well, are you one of them? Don’t worry! Instead, be happy because during this season of joy, Contest Factory launched its Pimp My Cube Contest. The quest of this event is to seek for the worst places to work in. “WORST” means everything from orderliness to safety and whatsoever which makes your workplace undeniably nasty, chaotic, messy, and whatever you can call it! One important thing you should do in order to get into this contest is just upload a video showing your “WORST” workplace. Then, you invite your family, friends, and whoever you might know to vote for your video. (more…)

A Few Things You Should Know Before Visiting Israel

Traveling is usually a fun experience for anyone. The most exciting part about it is to determine a specific place where you are planning to visit. Israel is a wonderful place to enjoy your visit to. Spirituality can be something which is directly connected to the site that can give you more understanding about history of the religion itself. If you are trying to continue your trip to the historical sites of Israel, you must be quite sure about specific planning that you should do ahead of time.

If you are ready for a tour, you will need the correct information about weather as well as many different panoramic areas in Israel. You need to be well informed with Weather information that play a significant role in providing you with specific idea about Israel. (more…)

Three Guideposts for Impromptu Day Trip Planning

It’s Saturday morning. The spirit of adventure calls, but you haven’t had time to drink your coffee, let alone plan a day out. Never fear. These three guideposts will get you out the door and speeding toward a day of excitement in no time.

Focus the Trip Around One Attraction

Wherever your destination may be, there is something of note that only this place can offer. These unique opportunities are a great starting point to organize your day trip. Maybe you are visiting the home of the world’s largest street art festival or the birthplace of a particular style of music. Take advantage of these distinctive offerings for a memorable visit full of local character and one-of-a-kind experiences. Consulting local publications is a great way to discover the best opportunities. For example, if you are spending the day in New York City, (more…)