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Monthly Archive: November 2017

The Millhouse

In the seventeen hundreds the building on this site was quite old. It was a flour mill until the beginning of the twentieth century; you will find no signs of cereal grown in this area now. The weir that was created to divert water to the mill is part of the property and private, though canoeists have the right to pass over it, but not to stop!!

mkbb60In the 1940s the building was an Hotel and Restaurant, there cannot have been many rooms available. In the 1950s it was a private residence again and at that time General de Gaulle stayed here during an electoral tour of the region, the Owner was a wartime friend of his.

Seville: An Ideal Destination For Budget Holiday in Spain

mjuunAll of us long for a refreshing and unforgettable vacation so as to give rest to our mind, body and soul. Spain is one the world’s best destination for this kind of holiday. Spain makes you spell bound with its beauty and charm. You can really enjoy the beautiful Spain with its colorful celebrations and sports. There are many hotels in Spain. While you are booking the hotels, you must look out for certain important conditions like you should take care the distance of hotels to all tourist places. You must make sure that the hotel has good network with any of the places where you will be going to roam about.

For those who are traveling on a tight budget, Seville is a great place in Spain because of the availability of many options for cheap accommodation in Seville Spain. Seville gives you the feel of living in real Spain. (more…)

Family’s holiday in Palma de Mallorca

bgt66aWith the family’s repeated demands for a holiday trip, it gets difficult for a person to think of new and exciting locations. Now if you are a person who wants to explore something new, something which is still not unleashed for you and your family,then you should close your eyes, think of beauty, calmness and serenity and book your tickets for Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca or Palma, the way it’s said popularly is the capital of the Balearic Islands located in Spain. It is one of the economical and cultural hubs of the Balearic islands. Apart from the commercial aspect the place is well known for its scenic beauty, its wondrous locations and extremely breathtaking hospitality. You might be surprised to know that it is one of Spain’s most important tourist destinations attracting visitors from all over the world.

Palma is located on the south coast of the Balearic island on the Bay of Palma, you can plan a holiday to this place and enjoy the holiday resort and commercial port apart from the nature, the beaches and beautiful sea. Palma is also the center for most of Majorca’s hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, hence also has an amazing nightlife. (more…)

Spain holidays with best hotels in Spain

juikg78Spanish territory includes The Balearics, Canary Islands and Mainland Spain. Due to a vast geographical area the climate is very diverse, ranging from subtropical to a Mediterranean climate. Spain is well known for its vividness and beautiful landscapes, museums, wine tours, football and bullfighting.

Spain is itself a whole world within a country, with diverse snow-covered mountains for skiing, lush green valleys, arid desert and superb golden beaches. Exciting and beautiful cities like Madrid and Barcelona are examples of both modern and historic cultures, and also historical castles, monasteries, Roman ruins and Moorish monuments. You can enjoy beautiful and exotic islands in the Balearics or the Canary Islands, (more…)

Sweet tea : The beverage choice of many family

nmi90You can even find ready to drink teas that confidently say “Southern Style” on their product labels; however I make certain that most people can enjoy the authentic thing much more. In the southern area of United States, sweet iced tea is really an old-fashioned beverage that it is basically recognized as “Tea”. Without having need to specify the sweetness, or even the ice!

If all your family is anything like mine, you will know that nothing at all is better to drink than an iced sweet tea. It enhances any meal tastes better on a hot day. Only a handful of sweet tea is just like you most likely know. I don’t also bother to buy tea from certain menu as it is either instant tea or even brewed tea without having taste.

After several years of raising 4 kids and marital relationship of almost 35 years, (more…)

Reading Hotel Reviews before booking a hotel

nb09If you are booking a hotel online, the very first and the main thing which will help you choosing the proper hotel for you as well as your family is reading the hotel reviews. Such reviews usually are written by experienced travelers who have already vacationed in the specific hotel and share their experiences of their stay.

Obviously, when the hotel is excellent with nice service, facilities and rooms everyone enjoy it and share their satisfied moments. Reading through the hotel reviews will get you in a superior place to determine for the best hotel for your stay.

This hotel reviews is the most important criteria because it is written by the real people who have a lot of (more…)