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Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors can improve home value

bhyu88Whether you are refinishing and sanding your hardwood floors , waxing and polishing, bleaching and staining or even restoring and repairing , renovation you make to your wood floors are good option , as it can improve your home values . Maybe you are going to flip your home, maybe you are prepping to put up for sale or maybe you simply want a fast upgrade to make your house the charmer it should be. If you are a lucky homeowner who has wood floors even though it is outdated. You have got valuable piece in your home. Get the most from it.

Remodeling a home seems like an exciting and great idea until you get the satisfied result of the project. In actual fact it is quite difficult, costly and also bit of a tedious job. You don’t have any experiences to do it yourself, but you want professional results . (more…)


huytt90This pesto would make a wonderful snack with some raw veggies or gluten free crackers, spread on a pizza crust for a base, or with your choice of pasta, as long as it’s not refined! ;).  Pasta is typically a comfort food for a lot of people but can also contribute to a big belly if you are eating the wrong kind.  Hopefully by now you have experimented with different types of pasta and will never turn back to the nutrient stripped white pasta that eventually breaks down into sugar.  Years ago we made the switch to whole wheat pasta but have now learned that gluten isn’t very easy to digest and that there are much healthier options.  We love eating quinoa pasta and rice pasta.  Kamut and spelt, although not gluten free are also a nice alternative as they are easier to digest than wheat, if that is a concern for you.

On to the recipe…

Kale Walnut Pesto: (more…)

Book review: The Horse Boy, Rupert Isaacson

mk88Travel writer and activist Rupert Isaacson has written for an assortment of publications in diverse parts of the English-speaking world. Married to an academic psychologist and based in Texas, travel was his livelihood as well as his pleasure. But when his son was diagnosed with autism in 2004, the whole family’s world threatened to implode. Five-year-old Rowan had epic tantrums during which he would scream and wail inconsolably for hours, was physically incontinent and  completely unable to connect with others. The child had 9 of 10 symptoms of autism, but because he could make good eye contact the clinicians thought he couldn’t be autistic.

Life for Isaacson and his wife became a never-ending series of crises. Hypersensitivity could make Rowan flip out if the texture of his clothing wasn’t quite right, or when he had to go from one place to another. And of course, he was still in diapers.

Nothing seemed to help until, in 2004, Rowan started making friends with his neighbour’s horse, Betsy. The first time they met, she dipped her head to him in the sign of obeisance which horses rarely give to other horses, let alone humans. Rowan liked Betsy just as much. On her back his tantrums calmed, he began to speak lucidly and even told the horse he loved it – the first time he had expressed love for anything or anyone. (more…)

Minimally toxic pumpkin pie recipe

gh21So this is how I’ve been keeping busy over the past week or so… it took 3 tries, but here I present:

Gluten-free, vegan, low-sugar (but still yummy!) Pumpkin Pie

3.5 Tbsp tapioca flour (or cassava, from Asian or Caribbean grocery)**

  • 400g EcoMil vanilla almond dessert (recipe originally called for amazake; soya dessert could also work but haven’t tried it)
  • 125g fructose
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 4 tsp. cinnamon or to taste
  • 2 tsp. mixed spice or to taste
  • 100g firm silken tofu (Clearspring UHT is good)
  • 425g cooked and pureed pumpkin – Libby’s gives best results, use whole can (organic pumpkin wasn’t as good)
  • 9” or 10” gluten-free pie crust – I used ready-made pastry (Genius) but it does have some whey in it; read ingredients carefully

Note: This is not a quick recipe! It’s faster with a food processor or blender to puree the mixture, but allow at least an hour to get the filling ready.

Cook the tapioca flour in the vanilla dessert until the mixture has thickened enough to stand a spoon in it. (more…)

Dealing with Airbnb listings without hassles

nju9Dealing with an Airbnb listing might be bit of a tedious, time consuming, and difficult. Organizing booking inquiries , maintaining communications with potential guests , check-ins, cleaning and laundry can be done by yourself , but how about those times if you are unable or don’t want to be . And you still want that your rental could still generate income without effort from your side especially while you are busy with your other business.  This is the reason why property management plays an important role in such situations.

An industry of property management services for short term rentals, along with maintenance service and cleaning has increased these days. Host service like Doormat provide you with various options for property owners who don’t want to focus on greeting and also caring for guests , from key pickup locations to a full management service.


Doormat unifies all options needed for you to make your Airbnb and holiday rental business financially rewarding. Your guests will enjoy staying at a squeaky clean space while many hosts think that it is not necessarily to leave the job to the property managers and do the cleaning by themselves. As Airbnb hosting service, Doormat put emphasis on cleanliness and has gained a lot of great rating for it.kjy65

They always make sure a nice sensation for your guests staying at your vacation rentals and minimize scheduling hassles for you. They will organize guest check-in and replying to any inquiries they have before or even during their stay.

They build each listing from beginning to end and they replies fast to any inquiry.  DoorMat is really careful with its AirBNB listings, which delivers exclusive and personalized care to both the host and also guests who will stay at your vacation rentals.


Here are some excellent services that you can get from Doormat:

  • Airbnb Profile and Listing Creation
  • Airbnb Listing Optimization
  • Guest Communication
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Check-Out Inspection
  • Consumables Replenishment
  • Revenue and Occupancy Management
  • Check-in and Key Management
  • Guest Concierge andEmergency Contact
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Host Phone and Email Support
  • Accounting

For more price details you can click here.

Now it’s time to stop taking busy days around your Airbnb guest arrivals and departures. Leave the job to Doormat as they are really experienced in maximizing your rental bookings at Airbnb.






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