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Monthly Archive: February 2018

My Travel Diaries : Shopping in Blitz London

sgsdgs It wasn’t my first time in Blitz, neither my second, I had discovered this shop in my previous visits to London and it has become a must-visit for me. I don’t think it is easy to have a vintage shop, a good one, you need taste, you need attention to details, you need vision…Here you can find all of that, you find a great selection of clothes, you find an amazing layout, a great promotion within the social medias, and I believe that’s why it been considered one of the best vintage shops in London, multiple times.

Unlike last year, I came out without any bags in y hands, and I have to say the not-so-good part about the shop it’s the way that some pieces are overpriced, making you spend too much money for what ou get.With everything said, I’ll just leave you with some pictures and with a strong suggestion to visit Blitz if you’re ever in London. (more…)

My Travel Diaries : Dictionary Hotel

fgvbsdThis is gonna be the cherry on top of our beloved London Travel Diaries, The Dictionary Hostel. This was the place where we stayed for the last two nights and we had such a wonderful time here.It’s a really busy hostel, and that’s good, there are always new people in and out, new guests to get to know, you can talk to everyone in the room and you’ll fell welcome from the very first moment.

The hostel’s decoration is super quirky and cool, you have common spaces such as the kitchen, messy all the time, but it does the job or the balcony, and then you have various options for the rooms, we stayed in a 8-bed dorm. I’d have to say that the staff, who were always smiling and ready to help,  should pay a bit more attention to the cleanliness of the rooms and kitchen. But other than that, it is an amazing place to stay at. (more…)

Hosting a Wine Tasting party

nhya21In its quite simple event, a wine tasting party is treats like a few friends together taste a bottle of wine which they haven’t tasted before. But, when individuals are planning on Vail Wine Tasting party, they are considering something a bit more formal.

For more formal wine tasting, you really should start by making some invitations. As before, there are still no standards, you may go from very simple blank line invitations, to more stylish one that you have purchased at the stationery store, or else you can also buy wine tasting kits.

Many people carrying out wine tasting at home will never want to go over the budget and having formal dinner. (more…)

The Benefits of Using a Paint Sprayer for Home Remodeling project

vbg21When the time has come to deal with a home renovation or home remodeling task , buying excellent paint rollers, brushes, thinners , along with other paint accessories will certainly result in adding over a hundred dollars for some items . The work then will take lots of hours as every layer is painstakingly placed on to make sure that the paint is completely coated around the overall room or interior area that you are working to improve . Cheap sprayers start at a price around two hundred dollars and can get the job done faster with the result of a quality painting job.

Airless sprayers are becoming very popular because of the less bubbles which are sprayed onto the wall surface you are painting. If you are working with an airless paint sprayer, the paint will be coated properly on the area you are painting on and a convenient paint gun and pointer ensure correct application of the fresh paint. A cart is part of a skilled paint sprayer which makes it simple to move the item around to various areas to paint. (more…)

Holiday Gift Baskets For Your Teen

Christmas shopping for your teen does not have to be a stressful experience. Believe it or not, they are not too cool to receive a gift basket full of their favorite snacks. Here are several holiday gift baskets your teen is sure to love.

M&M’s Christmas Gift Basket

There is nothing like a basket of M&Ms to brighten their holiday. The basket includes a variety of M&M’s candies, from a full size pack of plain M&M’s to a movie style candy box of Peanut M&M’s. The basket also includes a shortbread cookie and premium coffee. You can also order a gift basket full of Reese’s Candy or Skittles. The contents come arranged inside a reusable handled basket.


Snack Attack Trio Box

Satisfy their sweet tooth with a box of baked goods. The assortment includes five Whoopie Pies, six chocolate chunk cookies and six chocolate chip brownies. You can also order the Snack Attack Plus, which includes chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate chip brownies and a triple chocolate coffee cake. The box is designed with fun phrases and vibrant colors.


Holiday Imperial Tower

If you are looking for a unique gift, surprise your teen with a tower of holiday treats. The top box is full of assorted candies and chocolates, and the second box is full of caramel popcorn. The third and biggest box is full of white chocolate macadamia cookies. The golden boxes are tied together with a gorgeous holiday ribbon.


Cup of Holiday Cheer

Your teen is sure to enjoy a gift of tasty snacks and soothing beverages. The snacks include a buttery cookie and container of popcorn, and the beverages include four tea or coffee packets in assorted flavors. The treats and beverages come inside a holiday decorative package.


Holiday Pizza Oven Gift

It is no secret that teens love pizza, and your own teen is sure to enjoy this pizza making kit. The kit includes the pizza crust, Rosemary and basil mix, mozzarella cheese bar and pitted Greek olive mix. They can have the cookie or pastry for dessert, or they can snack on the smoked almonds. It also includes a snowman oven mitt and two colorful kitchen towels. The kit comes inside a metal container with an embossed scroll pattern.



You are sure to find the right gift basket for your teen, but it is important to shop now before the gift baskets sell out.

Review of Cooking Light Magazine

gyt8Cooking Light is an enjoyable read for individuals interested in staying fit and eating healthier. There are articles in every issue on healthy living and on cooking healthy food. The healthy living articles cover a broad area — anything from healthy hair and skin to flexibility exercises to do with a partner. Articles often have a seasonal connection, for instance during the summer, the workout article may be based on exercises to do in the pool, whereas winter fitness articles may center around winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing. Seasonal themes often show up in the cooking articles also — particularly in the “In Season” column. (more…)