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About a Career as a Personal Chef

Imagine you have a rewarding job that allows you benefit from your talent and creativity and you love cooking as a personal chef. A personal chef is hired to prepare a healthy meals for individual, families or even to provide in-home and office daily catering and for small gatherings.

When you start your career as a personal chef, you will find the prospect to your financial rewards and enjoy the freedom of running your own business. Such services are in growing demand. According to Entrepreneur magazine, such a business is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the country and has become one of the best home based businesses to start. (more…)

How To Let Go of Judgement and Open to Love

There is a story from Ram Dass who is a spiritual teacher, that a friend shared with me. When I heard this story, it had a very powerful impact and a great reminder that I felt the need to share with other people.

“When you are in the woods and look at the trees, you will notice that there are different types of trees. Some are straight, some are bent, some of them are evergreen, and some look whatever. When you look at the trees, you are going to allow it, and this will leave you appreciating it.

You will see the trees just the way they are. You will start understanding that it might not have gotten enough light, and that is why it turned out the way it did. You don’t start getting emotional about it. You allow it and you appreciate the tree the way it is. (more…)

Make Your Wedding Memorable With a Wedding Live Band

Music can determine the mood for an event. Music can also make your life a little more manageable. People like listening to music and usually the music you pick for your wedding must go along well with your wedding theme. If you hire string quartet players at your formal wedding, it can turn your reception for uninteresting to outstanding. You may also hire a jazz or rock band if you want to light up party.

No matter what you choose, the music you pick out must match up with the theme and style of your wedding. Hiring a wedding live band might not be obligatory, but it could be a wonderful highlight.

Music and Weddings have gone together for decades. Actually, having a live band at your wedding is as crucial as having wedding invitations. Live band will make your wedding party become more active and will bring a cool atmosphere to your wedding party afterwards. (more…)

Tips for Backpacking

Backpacking is the ultimate example of traveling with one bag. How to pack for it is a real skill. With a few guidelines anyone can do it. Use these tips as a start. As you learn and gain experience you will build confidence and modify them to your requirements.

The Basics
In general, pack a backpack with lighter weight items at the bottom. Heavier items at the top.

If you are going to be scrambling and hiking off-trail on rough terrain or snow, you might want to pack some of the heavier items a little lower to bring down your center of gravity. Experiment a bit before you leave home.

As for what to pack, start with the Checklist on the What To Take page. Once you have your basic items to pack add: (more…)