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Reasons to saunter the Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

sgggggeAs it is said “Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real.” You can experience a little piece of this heaven with trekking in Nepal .The Annapurna Poon Hill Trek is a short trek in the most beloved trek region i.e. Annapurna region of the country. This region is situated in the central region of Nepal and is blessed by the Mother Nature. Popular as the photographer’s paradise, Poon Hill also provides picture perfectof the several ranges visible. Initially starting from the beautiful city of Pokhara which is famous for its rivers and adventurous activities, this trek has been regarded as the best option for trekker with scarce time limit and hectic schedule. Annapurna Poon Hill Trek is a 6 days trek with the splendid view of the mountain ranges from Poon Hill and gets to visit the naturally rich share of the region.This trek presents you with up-close and panoramic view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range from the classic point of Poon Hill. The magnificent beauty of the Himalayas’ with their commendable ice caps validates all the trouble and difficulties bumped into the trek. People from different age range have been successful in the completion of this trek with minimum hazard. (more…)

Quick food recipes vs Healthy food recipes

fhfghfEating Healthy is a habit that many people are making the effort today. Simply because you would like to eat healthy food, that doesn’t mean you have some more time. You feel that you are trying to find dinner options that will involve fast recipes which are still nutrient rich. You can easily find meals you really need to make repeatedly in your home.

It doesn’t matter which types of foods you prefer to eat, you can get the dinner options that may satisfy your desires. Starting from healthy recipes to have food on the table to quick recipes that may take faster preparation is available. All you have to is determine which ones you want to try first.

You can also find delicious dinner options for a vegetarian. You will find a lot of healthy food recipes to pick from; even people who like meat can try such food occasionally. Even better, as so many of the meals involve fast recipes it will be possible to prepare them in spite of how busy your days might be. (more…)

The reasons why you must buy Viar Q1 Electric Scooter

viar Q1 motor listrikWhy buy Viar Q1 electric scooter? Viar Q1 is growing in popularity due to its various features. Riding this electric scooter can be enjoyable and fun. You can ride or carry someone anywhere you decide to go. As a pioneer of electric motors in Indonesia, PT Triangle Motorindo (Viar Indonesia) is among the most active in electrification industry. After launching and selling the electric motor Viar Q1, Viar still continues to be involved in cooperation with IPB (Bogor Agricultural Institute) education institution in the development of three-wheeled electric vehicle.

My Travel Diaries : Shopping in Blitz London

sgsdgs It wasn’t my first time in Blitz, neither my second, I had discovered this shop in my previous visits to London and it has become a must-visit for me. I don’t think it is easy to have a vintage shop, a good one, you need taste, you need attention to details, you need vision…Here you can find all of that, you find a great selection of clothes, you find an amazing layout, a great promotion within the social medias, and I believe that’s why it been considered one of the best vintage shops in London, multiple times.

Unlike last year, I came out without any bags in y hands, and I have to say the not-so-good part about the shop it’s the way that some pieces are overpriced, making you spend too much money for what ou get.With everything said, I’ll just leave you with some pictures and with a strong suggestion to visit Blitz if you’re ever in London. (more…)

My Travel Diaries : Dictionary Hotel

fgvbsdThis is gonna be the cherry on top of our beloved London Travel Diaries, The Dictionary Hostel. This was the place where we stayed for the last two nights and we had such a wonderful time here.It’s a really busy hostel, and that’s good, there are always new people in and out, new guests to get to know, you can talk to everyone in the room and you’ll fell welcome from the very first moment.

The hostel’s decoration is super quirky and cool, you have common spaces such as the kitchen, messy all the time, but it does the job or the balcony, and then you have various options for the rooms, we stayed in a 8-bed dorm. I’d have to say that the staff, who were always smiling and ready to help,  should pay a bit more attention to the cleanliness of the rooms and kitchen. But other than that, it is an amazing place to stay at. (more…)

Hosting a Wine Tasting party

nhya21In its quite simple event, a wine tasting party is treats like a few friends together taste a bottle of wine which they haven’t tasted before. But, when individuals are planning on Vail Wine Tasting party, they are considering something a bit more formal.

For more formal wine tasting, you really should start by making some invitations. As before, there are still no standards, you may go from very simple blank line invitations, to more stylish one that you have purchased at the stationery store, or else you can also buy wine tasting kits.

Many people carrying out wine tasting at home will never want to go over the budget and having formal dinner. (more…)