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Childhood Obesity – Causes and Prevention

Childhood obesity statistics, not only in the US but throughout the western world, are startling. All western countries have seen a dramatic increase in their childhood obesity statistics. In the USA, the prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 – 11 years increased from 6.5% – 19.6% from 1980 to the present. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents aged 12 – 19 years increased from 5.0% – 18.1%.1.

The cause of the obesity is the same as with adults. Too many calories are being consumed and not enough calories being expended through exercise. So what is causing this dramatic change over the last 30 years? In my opinion, the following are the reasons that childhood obesity statistics have changed so dramatically over the last 30 years. (more…)

How Can Shapewear Help Your Body Look Wonderful?

It was a family gathering at my nephew’s house and I was getting together with my whole family after a few months. After knowing all the amazing benefits of the shapewear for females from various colleagues and friends, I had actually purchased some and tried to wear it for the first time when attending my family gathering. I was a bit mindful of the fact that my family members would be seeing me after quite a long time so it was really necessary for me to look wonderful when seeing them. (more…)

Why Manufactured Homes are the Best Choice for Families

When most people picture the ideal home, they may think of a home that was built generations ago, with a long history of providing memories for families over the years. For other families that ideal home is a manufactured one, built with the specifications that give them all of the amenities they need. Manufactured homes deliver all of the elements that families love while giving them the space they need to create lasting memories.

Manufactured Homes are Affordable

One of the main reasons that people choose manufactured homes is affordability. These homes often cost a fraction of their foundation-built counterparts, freeing up money in the family’s budget for the experiences and things that make their lives better. Manufactured homes allow families to enjoy more space and greater amenities without the hefty price tag. Some homes even allow you to customize each aspect–from the paint colors to the kitchen cabinets and windows–without having to sink thousands of extra dollars into remodeling. (more…)

Arranging with The Flower Appreciation Society

This experience was literally a dream come true, a morning with the simply fabulous and, oh-so-talented girls who run and own The Flower Appreciation Society. They are the coolest girls in the business ‘so hot right now’; I couldn’t believe my luck when Ellie invited me over to play with flowers in their studio!

This creative meet all came about when unfortunately I couldn’t make one of their flower crown workshops last November. I was so upset, these are their signature style, they have made it into Vogue, Elle and all sorts of other major fashion magazine. Sadly my flipping chemo schedule got in the way of me making the workshop. I explained my predicament and they replied ‘why don’t you come down to our studio and play with flowers when you’re better?!’ These girls are just truly amazing, so kind and generous, major girl crush! (more…)

Play Bubble Games and Discover New Challenges

Bubble shooter games are getting really popular today. This is due to its easy operation, tons of fun and incredible enjoyment the same veils. With both paid and free versions in bubble shooter games are now accessible for all, players can really enjoy good features, more enhanced graphics and a fun packed activity but without wasting any money.

Bubbles games are really exciting and will keep you busy and entertained. You will use a canon to shoot the bubbles. Also you will enjoy the graphics and the level advancements. This kind of amusement has shown an improvement in the graphics since the early years. You can play this game with very nice graphics that make you feel entertained and addicted.

Online bubble shooter is a really pleasant way of amusing yourself and even children can easily play without any restriction. Both women and men can play this game and are guaranteed to get an enjoyable moment of their life. (more…)

Soul Urge Numbers And Their Meanings

In a numerology reading, your soul urge number can uncover your wants and heart desires. It is also sometimes referred to as Motivation Number. So, be on the lookout for both names if you are trying to find the meanings for these numbers.

Below are a few basic meanings for the soul urge Number. You will discover that most numerology readings can provide you a more specific analysis.

Soul urge number Meanings:

Soul urge number 1: Individuals with this soul urge Number prefer to lead, and they are often proud of their achievements in their life. You will spend a lot of time boasting about them.

Soul urge number 2: Those with this soul urge number tend to join the group rather than lead. they are a bit sensitive and want others to appreciate who they are.

Soul urge number 3: If you have this soul urge number, You can be a innovative genius or an really loving individual, but sometime you keep it all locked. it is advisable to try to always express how you feel and express your creative ideas more. (more…)