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A Little Extra Motivation for you who are in the age of 35

It’s 35 degrees outside, and this is the warmest day we will have all week. This is terrible news for my daily walk. That means I need a little extra motivation to get myself moving.

It turns out that once again the gods have smiled down on me , yes me, Tessie the Frugal lady, with their shining brilliance. This time their effulgence takes the form of a brand-new library in my hometown. Yes. I’ve no doubt that this was all put in train by the heavens for my own convenience and benefit. Because we already have a great library here, but this new one is much closer to MY house.

So I checked out the new library yesterday and I came away with a book-on-cd by one of my favorite authors, Ms. P.D. James. OF COURSE I’ve already read it (Shroud for a Nightingale), but as we all know, a P.D. James novel is well worth reading/listening to many, many times. (more…)

Necessity is the mother of invention

I don’t know how I got to be so lazy because everyone else in my family work like the dickens.  Hmm, now that I think about it, it is strange that my husband is one of the hardest working people I know, while most of his family are lazy bums.   And then he turns around and marries me.  Go figure.

My hard-working little sis joined the ranks of the Entrepreneurial Elite this year when she opened her own business, Snuffle Co.  Oh, by the way, this new company is in addition to her more-than-full-time job and mothering three young children.  Geesh! I wish I had that much energy!

You know that old saying that necessity is the mother of invention?  Well, it is so true because my sister had a necessity and she is a mother who made an invention.  I will lay it out for you: (more…)

StudyPug Review – Boost grades of my son in Math and Science

I had been searching for YouTube Tutorial for math and science help for my son. And I was so tired of finding videos that weren’t helping my son in math and science class. Math and science can be confusing for me as a parent and also for my son who was struggling with math and science.  He don’t like to ask for help or admit that he hasn’t understood.  It’s also not easy for me to understand and teach math and science even when I have the time. So it would be great if there is a simple and proven way of supporting my son to succeed in math and science.

My neighbour suggested me to join Studypug. He said  that this online learning system has helped millions of children across the world. (more…)

Couples therapy – An effective approach to save Relationship

Relationship counseling, generally known as couple therapy or marriage counseling and In today’s times it is in demand form of therapy , and stigma relating to marriage counseling is quickly disappearing, because many people who have been in a special relationship, are conscious how tough in could be to share life with someone else for good and bad. The goal of couple therapy is to maximize communication, eliminate conflicts, and enhance the bond between you and your spouse.

In the first couple therapy session, both partners receive a chance to share their problems and the desires they would like to achieve as a couple during the counseling sessions. (more…)

Reducing Social Anxiety with therapy

If you think that you must get social anxiety therapy then you have already began on the recovery process by realizing that you might want some kind of expert help.

Psychotherapy has become an effective therapy for social anxiety, and often helps sufferers to understand the root causes of their anxiety. Though it doesn’t completely address the external symptoms of the disorder, it has proved its effectiveness in helping individuals struggling with the disorder to alter their thought processes and find out to conquer their worries instead of avoiding them. The actual important thing to this cognitive behavior therapy is to boost the mind of the sufferer that their fears are unproven and thus illogical. (more…)