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Mommy, Why Come? Book Review – How Parents encourage their children

Mommy, Why Come?

Shirley Judge Blount wants children to know that they are special, and they do not have to look like or be like anyone else. She also wants them to be accepting of others’ differences because blessings and opportunities might come from someone different than them. It is for these reasons that she writes “Mommy, Why Come?” (published by WestBow Press), a book that encourages children to accept themselves first and then others who may be different.

This is a story about two little girls from different parts of the country, realizing that they are not so different after all. When 7-year-old Angela, an African-American girl, and her family move into the all-Caucasian neighborhood of 7-year-old Sarah, and her family, (more…)

Encouraging Better Behavior in Your Toddler

Behavioral issues are normal in kids. The reason being they still have no a clear understanding of what’s correct and incorrect and they are still uncertain about how exactly to express their wants and needs. It is very important to identify these “bad behaviors” early to help you effectively guide your child and help her improve the way he or she deals with conditions. A great tip is to keep a list of activities to keep items narrower plus more controllable.

Encourage good behavior in the toddler using these Five easy steps:

Carry out simple and real rules

Children understand that rules are essential and must be followed; however when your family has over twenty rules which are a mess, both you as well as your kid can get puzzled at one point. Reduce the rules to exactly what is important. Make every rule easy and simple to understand and it is crucial to ensure that your son or daughter knows the consequence of every rule. (more…)

How to Incorporate Biophilic Design In The Class Room

While the concept has been around for decades in classrooms, there are many people who have never heard the term biophilic. While the literal definition itself means the love of life, there is a more meaningful depth to the concept. Biophilia is generally explained as the human desire to interact with nature, and biophilic design is the recognition of how a human’s mental and physical well-being is positively influenced by our relationship with the natural world.

In architecture, biophilic design refers to the incorporation of natural elements into the built environment. This isn’t just a modern philosophy, even centuries ago architects had an innate understanding that we function better when our man-made structures incorporate natural elements. As such throughout history we see many buildings constructed with courtyards, gardens and fountains — restorative elements that give our eyes and busy minds a bit of a respite. (more…)

Changes to The Nutrition Facts Label in 2020

As of earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration has adjusted the Nutrition Facts label that you see on packaged foods to better represent what makes up a healthy diet and how the foods people choose contribute to that diet. This new label, required on all packaged foods both made in the U.S and imported, has several changes that have been incorporated this year. The infographic below, courtesy of Westfalia Technologies, details these changes.

The first change that will be the most noticeable is the prominence of the calorie count per serving of the packaged food. This was changed in an attempt to make shoppers more aware of the caloric intake they face with certain foods, and hopefully make positive health-conscious decisions based on this information. In addition to this, serving sizes have been adjusted to represent the way that these items are often consumed. (more…)

Childrens’ Development – Why it Must Be Seen a Holistic Process

Childrens’ development is seen as a holistic process. It is not just related to several areas such as health, nutrition, schooling, emotions, religious beliefs and so forth. Kids are like sponges willing to soak up behavior patterns, information, and also need stimuli to stimulate their ideal development from the initial point in time possible.

Similar to a adult every kid has their own personality, desired methods for learning, preferred colors, people and many others. A kid’s development is usually designed throughout the individual kid’s needs. It is a great point when adults that spends more time with kids has the potential of releasing themselves from their adult personality and attempt to take pleasure in moments with their kid from a kid’s fun and also innocent perspective. (more…)

Sleep Music for Kids

Music is oftentimes recognized for uplifting emotions and also bringing a fun to your daily life. From dancing in the kitchen while preparing food, to creating the mood while having a date night; music can regularly spark emotions which you did not realize! With regards to getting your kid to sleep, music can be a good solution to soothe children off peacefully.

As soon as you bring your newborn home, infants are full with new experiences. This is difficult to their developing senses, which makes it particularly essential to create a calm, enjoyable environment so that you can provide them with the relaxing atmosphere they should nurture their sleeping routine. Soft music enjoyed every night cannot only relax your kid, (more…)