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Childhood Obesity – Causes and Prevention

Childhood obesity statistics, not only in the US but throughout the western world, are startling. All western countries have seen a dramatic increase in their childhood obesity statistics. In the USA, the prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 – 11 years increased from 6.5% – 19.6% from 1980 to the present. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents aged 12 – 19 years increased from 5.0% – 18.1%.1.

The cause of the obesity is the same as with adults. Too many calories are being consumed and not enough calories being expended through exercise. So what is causing this dramatic change over the last 30 years? In my opinion, the following are the reasons that childhood obesity statistics have changed so dramatically over the last 30 years. (more…)

Getting your child to learn Arduino

With the earth becoming a progressively complex place to live, it is necessary for children to understand STEM learning system to prepare themselves to take part in the future personnel and to know how technological innovation works. Apart from the practical applications offered by STEM learning, it is also fun for kids!

STEM learning concept offers a lot of advantages for children. They can learn the way to put on their knowledge to fix the problems that happen in their daily lives, like repairing a damaged toy or finding out how to build a simple robot using Arduino starter kits.

I am sure you and your kid know about Arduino but sometime you don’t know what Arduino is. It is normal if you don’t. in this article, i am going to explain. Before we discuss about Arduino, it is necessary to understand microcontroller. it is built-in circuits which are simply miniature computers. This device can work with simple software programs. it requires less energy and can be powered for hours and days but this device can process data a bit faster than human in this earth. Arduino is opensource platform that contain circuit boards so microcontrollers can be used easily. (more…)

Advice on Co-Parenting During the Coronavirus

By Attorney Ashley Balicki

I wanted to give you some guidance and general advice on Co-Parenting During COVID-19.

1. Decision-Making: If you, a member of your household, or your child are diagnosed with COVID-19 immediately advise the other parent. Do not hide this information. Communicate with your child(ren)’s parent and agree on uniform practices in both households. For example, parents should confer with one another and agree upon uniform practices with the child(ren) in each household such as not having play dates or having children visit others outside outdoor activities at each home and communicating with extended family members via telephone/FaceTime. If you must convey information or diagnoses to your child that may alarm or upset your child, speak with the other parent to create a joint message before speaking with the child. (more…)

What to do with kids during quarantine

As the coronavirus pandemic continue rise in many countries all over the world, more and more families find themselves in isolation and quarantine. For kids, this situation might be scary and boring for them. We love our children, but we have to face it, parenting will be nerve-racking task if we are stuck inside with the children due to the pandemic. No more going to school. Put aside movie theaters. And forget other public places in which you would usually visit. Social distancing is important in this hard situation and that means no play dates as well.

Kids need structure, so it is crucial to create a school-like schedule. First determine a section of your home for learning. When you do not have a separate room, you may use table in the kitchen or living room. Give your child a large box and put essential school supplies based on their age books, notebooks, paper, laptop, crayons, pens etc.).

Second, keep going as usual where your child wakes up and wear their clothes just like they were attending school. Don’t wear pajamas! You want your child to be in class-mode rather than watching TV mode. To increase the ambiance, you may ring a bell or play music while you child marches to the learning room. (more…)

Housewives Can Get a College Scholarship

Identifying scholarships and grants has a big importance as knowing about the course that you are going to take. So do you know whay going to college is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your future? Here are the reasons.

It not only open up doors that otherwise would have been closed, but it also gives you a improved earning potential not to mention the boost in confidence and self respect when you get your degree. But none of that can be accomplished if you are unable to afford the rising cost of your education.

If you are an housewife the thought of going back to college is usually stopped when you think about how you are going to pay for it. scholarships for older mothers can putt his fear to rest and pay for your college education. (more…)

Parenting Tips for ADHD children

Parents have significant role when advocating their ADHD children. they are responsible for their children’s medications and education. Parents need to be involved and have the dedication to advocate for their ADHD children. Let us discuss some important aspects to consider when becoming parents with ADHD children:

ADHD Medications

The best form of advocacy for ADHD children is knowing one fact that ADHD medications will not stop and cure ADHD. The medicines are prescribed to minimize the symptoms. They cannot be a silver bullet, and you can find other alternatives that help children control ADHD.  It’s s best to consult one of the best ADHD doctors in your town about the right medications for your ADHD child. However, when parents make a decision that ADHD medications are the most effective solution, they should be more vigilant with regards to supervising their child’s medicine. Unwanted effects occur if a kid takes the inappropriate dosage in the wrong time. This typically takes place at school, so parents need to clearly discuss their child’s ADHD medication routine with a teacher and a school nurse. (more…)