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Elder Care

How Remote Patient Monitoring Has Evolved

The way in which health care providers are able to care for their parents has been enhanced through technology. Telemedicine is one key example of how the healthcare industry has evolved to better service their patients. One way in particular that telemedicine has changed the patient experience comes in the form of remote patient monitoring.

Remote patient monitoring has been around for some time, but never quite provided the value that it does now. This technique requires using systems that allow health care professionals to oversee a patient without them being physically present in their facility or hospital. The devices that facilitate this experience allow professionals to track the necessary vitals and information securely. This information is then transferred back to the health care providers and is stored in their electronic health records. (more…)

How To Prepare For A Snowbird Lifestyle

Each year, thousands of “snowbirds” escape their snowy landscapes to spend time in the warmer southern states during the winter. While some people choose to rent for years, others purchase a second home that eventually becomes their permanent residence. Whatever the case, this type of seasonal migration offers the best of both worlds: It lets snowbirds maintain connections with family and friends in their hometown while enjoying new scenery for a few months out of the year. If you think you’re ready to become a snowbird, consider these essential tips.

Moving to a second home in a warmer state requires preparation, and it starts with winterizing your northern house. This may include suspending services for the season and shutting off the water, which could help minimize the risk of flooding and water damage. Consider turning down the heat, too, but do not turn the heat off or your water pipes could freeze.

It’s important to prep your appliances and car, as well. Depending on how long you’ll be away, consider unplugging the fridge to reduce energy costs. (more…)

Home Care for the Elderly in their Own Homes

Taking care of an elderly loved one at home can be quite challenging at times. Older people have complex needs and need patience, understanding, and a lot of care. This is especially true when you are taking care of your elderly parents.

You can’t always be there for them as you need to attend to other things as well, like your own family, work, and career. To fill the gaps that you can’t provide, you can always count on professional caregivers. They can better provide advanced care that your elderly loved one requires and deserves.

Seniors prefer living in their own homes. They’d rather receive caregiving at home than be put in a facility. Whether you are a caregiver or a family member, there are important things to remember when taking care of the elderly in their homes. Aside from personal care and health care, there are straightforward things that you can provide the elderly that most of us often neglect. (more…)

The Last Days of Brianne Slabaugh

It’s been more than 12 months since Michael Slabaugh last saw his daughter, Brianne Slabaugh. She was found lifeless in the Everglades. While the official cause of death is drug overdose, the father insists that there is more to the story.

According to official accounts, the FBI is investigating Brianne’s part in a murder for hire plot. However, she died before the plot came into action.

Brianne Slabaugh was just 26 years old. People close to her mention the fact that she had many secrets.

Her body was found in the Everglades. Her father, hasn’t tampered with her room. He has left it the same way it was before her death.

According to Michael, Brianne had a passion for Monster Trucks. Both father and daughter often travelled miles to watch their favorite sport. Her love for Monster Trucks didn’t stop her from having an equal passion for dancing, hummingbirds, and drawing. (more…)

Medical Support for the Seniors

In order to care for a person who is old enough in the family, you need to obtain the correct knowledge which can help you in delivering the perfect non medical home care to them. After you have decided on the care that you should have for them, in case it is medical, you need to give attention to choosing the best healthcare provider for them. It can be difficult to discover the perfect one for them since there are various medical providers but most of them might possibly not have proper experience of delivering such services. When you decide to hire an in home healthcare professional, you must consider making alterations on the living space for your elderly. For instance, you can contact a stair lift manufacturer to make going up and down the stairs easier for them. Furthermore, medical gas outlets should be installed in their room for the various medical equipment they need.

For those who must search for medical support for any elderly individual, you need to give attention to the benefits that they can provide for them. They may require some adequate home care and the individual that you select for this kind of goal should have sufficient experience and abilities to give the most effective care. If you might have such a need, (more…)