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Fun Ways To Enjoy Ocho Rios Vacation

Situated on the northeast shoreline of the island of Jamaica, Ocho Rios has become a wonderful cruise liner destination because of the pure beauty of this area of the island. Ocho Rios is a wonderful destination when you are planning to have vacation in Jamaica. You will find numerous things you can do apart from comforting on the gorgeous coastline and bathing in the warm Jamaican sunlight.

You may book Shore excursions in Jamaica for activities like snorkeling or diving, plantation tours, rafting, bike riding, shopping and trips to numerous other places of interest. If you choose to keep to the beaches you can find destinations like Boscobel, Mahogany, and also the James Bond beach that are all fantastic beaches with many different things to do to keep you entertained. (more…)

How Can Shapewear Help Your Body Look Wonderful?

It was a family gathering at my nephew’s house and I was getting together with my whole family after a few months. After knowing all the amazing benefits of the shapewear for females from various colleagues and friends, I had actually purchased some and tried to wear it for the first time when attending my family gathering. I was a bit mindful of the fact that my family members would be seeing me after quite a long time so it was really necessary for me to look wonderful when seeing them. (more…)

Arranging with The Flower Appreciation Society

This experience was literally a dream come true, a morning with the simply fabulous and, oh-so-talented girls who run and own The Flower Appreciation Society. They are the coolest girls in the business ‘so hot right now’; I couldn’t believe my luck when Ellie invited me over to play with flowers in their studio!

This creative meet all came about when unfortunately I couldn’t make one of their flower crown workshops last November. I was so upset, these are their signature style, they have made it into Vogue, Elle and all sorts of other major fashion magazine. Sadly my flipping chemo schedule got in the way of me making the workshop. I explained my predicament and they replied ‘why don’t you come down to our studio and play with flowers when you’re better?!’ These girls are just truly amazing, so kind and generous, major girl crush! (more…)

How to Pick the Best Gifts Online

If you are puzzled about what you are going to gift your family member or any other friends for their birthday celebration then you will certainly be delighted to know that you can find numerous exclusive gifts available online. Picking a the best gift will not be difficult for you since you can pick among books, apparels, gift baskets, jewelry, electronic devices, toys, etc at many different websites that sell gifts online. You can easily get gift ideas and the difficulty to find the right gift will be resolved.

If you would like to surprise your girl friend you may buy her a portable speaker or nail dryer from an online gift store and make her feel special in your life. The gift selection offered at this store is amazing. So, there is no need to move from one store to another to locate ideal gift for your loved ones.
Also, Finding Christmas gifts are not difficult with a lot of gift ideas readily available. You can allocate and adjust your budget and select to view the gifts offered in that range. (more…)

Shawford duck race

Had a brilliant time at the Shawford duck race on Sunday.

We joined lots of people in the garden of the Bridge Pub early in the afternoon and we selected the right duck! We paid a pound and then had a drink in the sunshine for half an hour before making our way to the start line.

I can think of no better place to spend a Sunday afternoon, than on the leafy banks of the river Itchen in the Summer sunshine.

The cheers went up as over a thousand plastic yellow ducks made their way into the river, helped along by wading teenagers fully dressed and a few professional looking canoeists. ( They didn’t capsize, they were therefore professional!) (more…)

Bowling in Eastleigh, what a lot of fun!

We decided to go bowling in Eastleigh at the Swan Centre for the first time this week-end. You do need to pre book over the week-end as the slots go very quickly. If you go on a Sunday, parking if you are there for a couple of hours will be fixed at £2.50, so cheaper than the Saturday and the roads were lovely and quiet too.

I took my 12 year old daughter and it was great! A lot less stressful than taking a 12 year old clothes shopping. The shoe hire was part of the price and I pre booked a big pitcher of diet coke as I just thought it looked cool! I think the ticket price for us both for one game which was ample ( took about 30 minutes) was just under £10 so MUCH cheaper than an afternoon at the cinema.

Being a bit dim I asked for help to get us started but actually it was self explanatory you just tap in your name, if you can handle a mobile you can handle the bowling alley machine. (more…)