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Bike Tour Guide in San Francisco

San Francisco is a friendly place for a Bicycle. You will find numerous adventures and destinations that you can enjoy riding around the city. The city is not large and while it has several hills, they are still possible to avoid, which makes your ride in SF on a bike tour a fantastic way to taking in the sights. The weather in this city is moderate and with just wearing a wind-breaker, you will be ready for moving around this beautiful city with guided bike tour. riding Together with a local guide you will uncover this city in a insightful, safe, fun and most importantly a bike-friendly way!

the guide will take you on among the numerous coastal bike trails in the city, green spaces, past parks such as the Presidio. Make your visit to San Francisco more special by biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. (more…)

Cruising to the Bahamas with Harvard Vacations

Whether you are planning a cruise holiday for a week or even simply taking a one-day vacation for a quiet retreat, the Bahamas is truly a exotic paradise for you. This is the beautiful place for you and your family to spend holyday together away from the headaches of daily life.

If you are trying to find a wonderful Bahamas cruise at an incredibly low price, you have come to the right place! Here I will show you the best travel agency that offer Bahamas cruise holyday packages.

The first thing you need to do is to find a amazing Bahamas cruise deal. You do not need to go anywhere since Harvard Vacations can offer you some affordable packages of Bahamas cruise holyday. You will find the deals for your family at an affordable price. (more…)

Make Your Wedding Memorable With a Wedding Live Band

Music can determine the mood for an event. Music can also make your life a little more manageable. People like listening to music and usually the music you pick for your wedding must go along well with your wedding theme. If you hire string quartet players at your formal wedding, it can turn your reception for uninteresting to outstanding. You may also hire a jazz or rock band if you want to light up party.

No matter what you choose, the music you pick out must match up with the theme and style of your wedding. Hiring a wedding live band might not be obligatory, but it could be a wonderful highlight.

Music and Weddings have gone together for decades. Actually, having a live band at your wedding is as crucial as having wedding invitations. Live band will make your wedding party become more active and will bring a cool atmosphere to your wedding party afterwards. (more…)

Tips for Backpacking

Backpacking is the ultimate example of traveling with one bag. How to pack for it is a real skill. With a few guidelines anyone can do it. Use these tips as a start. As you learn and gain experience you will build confidence and modify them to your requirements.

The Basics
In general, pack a backpack with lighter weight items at the bottom. Heavier items at the top.

If you are going to be scrambling and hiking off-trail on rough terrain or snow, you might want to pack some of the heavier items a little lower to bring down your center of gravity. Experiment a bit before you leave home.

As for what to pack, start with the Checklist on the What To Take page. Once you have your basic items to pack add: (more…)

Exploring Amazing Alanya in Turkey

Every year, many travelers around the world are tempted by the variety of Turkish natural wonders being offered. If you are planning to explore the country’s attractions, chances are you will need to book an airport transfer from Antalya to Alanya. The short trip from Antalya to Alanya shows the potential of your holiday in this marvelous part of the Turky. Read on for some best parts.

Transfer from Antalya to Alanya

There is no need to come across any holiday anxiety if you plan ahead of time. When you have booked online, you can start enjoying a short trip from Antalya to Alanya. You will meet your chosen driver in the airport, and then enjoy the scenic drive along the Mediterranean coast. It will not be long before settling in to your hotel and relaxing with a cool drink. (more…)