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My Travel Diary – Breakfast around Shoreditch

We randomly discovered this amazing place as we were on the hunt for some breakfast around Shoreditch, obviously this was were we stopped.
In what seems like the perfect mix between a fancy, cosy and classic looking room, you can rest in the sofas for a coffee and a book or sit at the tables for some hard work. We were more in the first option, we stopped for a relaxed latte along with some croissants, which were pretty good as well. (more…)

My Travel Diary – The Walrus Hostel London

The Walrus Hostel was our choice for our first night in London, and it was a very happy choice!

We got in late at night trough the bar that is the signature of the place, and afterall it was with this bar that it all started. It’s in this cosy atmosphere that locals come together with travellers from each corner of the world, and thanks to the friendly staff everyone seems to feel at home. Here you find beauty in the chaos, all the furniture comes together in a chaos of styles, chaos of colours, chaos of ages, that somehow connect perfectly to create this eclectic and chilled vibe you feel as soon as you step in the door. (more…)

Traveling with Kids to Singapore

Kids are defenseless; they are vulnerable to any kind of risky situations as they always play. Once you have your children with you in traveling to Singapore, You must be watchful as visiting other places needs some safety things to consider. Therefore, be extra-safe and in your acts while travelling with your kids.

Travelling with kids should have a lot of preparation and planning. You need to be ready in every single detail of your plans as kids need more supervisions and also safety considerations. (more…)

Why It’s Okay to Not Be Big on World Travel and Global Adventures

There’s a stigma that says you have to love and want to travel to better yourself and gain perspective on the world. However, global adventures aren’t as fulfilling for some people as they are for others. It’s okay to not be big on world travel—and here’s why:

You Don’t Have to Travel to Relax

Relaxation is more about your mind than anything else. While environment matters to an extent, you can train yourself to relax anywhere with a round of positive meditation. This can restore peace to your mind and body wherever you are; ergo, don’t believe the misconception that you have to travel to gain serenity. (more…)

Owl Birthday Party Decoration

For owl lover, Owl Birthday Party Decoration  would be the best choice. The cute tiny face of owl makes sense of your wish. Then, how to how to design the room with the creation of this tiny owl? Firstly, focus on the banquet table with 3 or 4 meter long. Create the feel of a bed owl, complete with a pillow and a blanket. Put the owl pillow on the left side and use the blanket as a tablecloth. Add oval colorful tablecloths as accessories that you adjust the color with the seats. Decorate the seats as the color with long cloth so as you add a strap at the top of the seat. You can hang two or more boards that states ‘happy birthday’ on the table. (more…)

Tips for Booking flight and hotel for your family holiday

There is nothing can beat to plan your family holiday. The preparation of an exciting or an enchanting desired destination and all the adventures, fill up your entire day and your daydreaming moment.
Nevertheless, having a holiday abroad will take numerous planning and preparation.

First it is important to book the flights, then you certainly must give thought to booking rooms in hotels, next car rental, then you have to gather information regarding all the places you are going to visit.
A well-planned family vacation is really worth each effort, as you don’t leave almost anything to opportunity. There will be no last minute confusion and panics, as you head into the day of departure. (more…)