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What are the benefits of prenatal acupuncture?

Some people whizz through pregnancy with no worries at all, whilst others seem to suffer from a variety of ailments. Prenatal acupuncture is a therapy that many women have found to be quite helpful, as it eases many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. 

Originating in China thousands of years ago, acupuncture is used to rebalance your body’s energy along the meridians (energy pathways inside your body), restoring your body to health. Ultra fine acupuncture needles are inserted into points on your body that activate certain nerves, stimulating the release of chemicals (such as endorphins) that block pain pathways.  

Some of the conditions that acupuncture has provided relief for pregnant women include lower back pain, morning sickness, depression, problems sleeping and headaches. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn, so you can decide if this type of therapy is suitable for your ailments. (more…)

Tips For Optimal Health and Life Balance

In today’s stressful and hectic environment, it is really difficult to get life balance in our daily lives. One of the major factors to impact both happiness and life balance is your health. Nutrition, exercise and Sleep are important in today’s world. Wellness professionals believe that improving a personal health can result in enhanced life balance and happiness. Today, you can find many wellness practitioners who help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through exercise, nutrition, counseling, spiritual healing and having enough sleep.

A healthy nutrition lifestyle involves a balanced diet picked from the 5 basic food categories, vegetables, fruits, natural calcium rich dairy items protein (meat, fish, beans and peas) and whole grains. Some other nutritional items must also be considered. Without a doubt, Most vegetables and fruits are considerably better when they are eaten raw as heating can destroy some of the healthful nutrients in it. Broiling and Steaming food is better than frying or boiling foods. Preparing vegetables and fresh fruits is better than processed foods. (more…)

Learning the basics of yoga for beginners

If you are a Yoga basic learner, you will get confused by a lot of information available about Yoga. The way you begin your yoga practice will inevitably lay the basis for where you choose your Yoga practice, and what results you will get from the time and effort you put into practicing. To the basics of yoga for beginners, ensure that you learn the correct Yoga poses; certain poses might be better for yoga beginners while others should not be experimented if your new in yoga. And secondly, allocate your time to find out the Yoga poses and learn them well. Bad poses will lead to injuries, and they will certainly not give you benefit both mentally and physically.

Learning Yoga poses properly means understanding and achieving the proper position. Most yoga learners follow a picture or teacher without any knowledge as to what the proper alignment is. When we are not familiar with the correct alignment is, it will not happen since the instability in our bodies constantly pull us out of position.That is really vital to know – just because you move your body and performing Yoga poses doesn’t always mean you are doing them correctly. You can find specific position details in each Yoga pose and if you are not familiar with them, your body will not attain them naturally. (more…)

Busy Moms should know these Health Tips

Moms are getting busier today. Nearly all moms try to balance work life and daily household, or if Mom become a full time housewife, she usually feels as if she rides on a never-ending roller-coaster that starts from the time she wakes up in the morning till the time she goes to sleep. It seems just like the quite often complaint heard by moms is that they have no time to take care of their health.

Insufficient sleep, not enough time to work out, and eating junk foods are just most of the complaints that moms feel bring about to their very poor health. Listed below are some guidelines that can help ensure that most of mothers, whatever their activities, can take measures to protect their overall health.

First, be sure that you drink a lot of water. This might appear to be an unimportant step, but you might be shocked how many women are actually dried out. Coffee, energy drinks, and Soft drinks hold an exclusive appeal to mothers who are active as they usually suggest offering that boost that busy moms need, yet the effects far offset the rewards. (more…)