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The importance of nutrition coaching for sport athletes

Sports nutrition is essential for skilled athletes. Though many sports athletes might understand there is particular nutrition information readily available for them, they need sports nutrition knowledge. Such individuals not only must know exactly what sports nutrition is but the way to integrate it into their daily plans.

Athletic teams, clubs, schools, and colleges might have access to this kind of education. Understanding why nutrition is highly important for sports athletes, learning the way use such awareness into one’s daily routine calls (more…)

How To Let Go of Judgement and Open to Love

There is a story from Ram Dass who is a spiritual teacher, that a friend shared with me. When I heard this story, it had a very powerful impact and a great reminder that I felt the need to share with other people.

“When you are in the woods and look at the trees, you will notice that there are different types of trees. Some are straight, some are bent, some of them are evergreen, and some look whatever. When you look at the trees, you are going to allow it, and this will leave you appreciating it.

You will see the trees just the way they are. You will start understanding that it might not have gotten enough light, and that is why it turned out the way it did. You don’t start getting emotional about it. You allow it and you appreciate the tree the way it is. (more…)

Shoulder Workout Routine

A properly executed shoulder workout routine can be wonders for you. It will broaden your back, make your arms look bigger and make your waistline look smaller. And also by strengthening the muscles surrounding your shoulder joint your shoulder workout routine will decrease the likelihood of severe injury due to dislocation or a rotator cuff tear.

The exercises outlined below are what I use. As usual, I start with the bodyweight exercise first.

Inverted Shoulder Press – this can be done with your feet on the floor (easier) or elevated on a chair (harder). Place your feet appropriately and then form a ‘V’ with the rest of your body. Your hands should be on the floor with your legs straight and your torso straight. Your butt should be up in the air, like the picture below. (more…)

How to Become an Elite Personal Trainer

The outlook for personal trainers is outstanding. The world is becoming more health conscious. More people than ever are turning to personal trainers to help balance their sedentary lifestyles. Most personal trainer will earn an average of $26,000 per year.  But there is a rare group of elite personal trainers who are earning 10 to 20 times that.

Like sculpting a perfect physique, exploding your personal training career isn’t easy and it won’t happen overnight. If you’re dedicated enough to follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to sculpting a ripped elite personal training career.

Believe it or not, It’s not illegal to train without a certification, but I highly recommend you get a certification. The best certification will help you reach your goals, the most important thing to consider when picking your certification is how useful and practical the information is which it provides. Your clients want real world practical solutions that are safe, effective, and fast. (more…)