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Learning What Not to Compost

Are you thinking about trying to create a home composting system?

If you are then you really do need to understand what you can assign to that compost pile and what not to compost. Materials in Compost bins While most homes produce a lot of refuse that is indeed recyclable there are a number of materials that you should never add to any type of compost pile. Knowing the difference between compostable and non-compostable products will make your recycling efforts healthier, happier and more rewarding.

Let’s begin with human and animal waste products.

There are some sites that will give a cautious thumb’s up to dog waste, as long as you compost these types of materials very carefully. Ideally you will pass on the use of any human or dog waste because these types of waste products could very well contain diseases and parasites. If you add these types of contaminants to a compost pile it could infect all of the humus that is being created. (more…)

Compost Ratio Green and Brown

There may well be a perfect compost ratio green : brown, but compost in any proportions of green and brown will still decompose; it just takes longer. I have a one acre garden and nine compost heaps and none of them is the optimum five feet high. They work fine at just two feet high. I do not measure green and brown ratios either. When I have a bucket of vegetable peelings I throw it on. When I cut the grass I empty the mower’s grass collector onto the compost heap.

I am almost certain that this is what almost everyone in the real world does. I can understand the logic and that higher compost piles reach higher temperatures, but no way am I going to turn over a five foot high, two ton pile of compost in one day.

I even keep my leaves in separate compost bins rather than mixing them in the perfect 50:50 ratio with my mostly green compost. (more…)

What to do with kids during quarantine

As the coronavirus pandemic continue rise in many countries all over the world, more and more families find themselves in isolation and quarantine. For kids, this situation might be scary and boring for them. We love our children, but we have to face it, parenting will be nerve-racking task if we are stuck inside with the children due to the pandemic. No more going to school. Put aside movie theaters. And forget other public places in which you would usually visit. Social distancing is important in this hard situation and that means no play dates as well.

Kids need structure, so it is crucial to create a school-like schedule. First determine a section of your home for learning. When you do not have a separate room, you may use table in the kitchen or living room. Give your child a large box and put essential school supplies based on their age books, notebooks, paper, laptop, crayons, pens etc.).

Second, keep going as usual where your child wakes up and wear their clothes just like they were attending school. Don’t wear pajamas! You want your child to be in class-mode rather than watching TV mode. To increase the ambiance, you may ring a bell or play music while you child marches to the learning room. (more…)

Tips For Optimal Health and Life Balance

In today’s stressful and hectic environment, it is really difficult to get life balance in our daily lives. One of the major factors to impact both happiness and life balance is your health. Nutrition, exercise and Sleep are important in today’s world. Wellness professionals believe that improving a personal health can result in enhanced life balance and happiness. Today, you can find many wellness practitioners who help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through exercise, nutrition, counseling, spiritual healing and having enough sleep.

A healthy nutrition lifestyle involves a balanced diet picked from the 5 basic food categories, vegetables, fruits, natural calcium rich dairy items protein (meat, fish, beans and peas) and whole grains. Some other nutritional items must also be considered. Without a doubt, Most vegetables and fruits are considerably better when they are eaten raw as heating can destroy some of the healthful nutrients in it. Broiling and Steaming food is better than frying or boiling foods. Preparing vegetables and fresh fruits is better than processed foods. (more…)

Benefits of reading product reviews before making purchases

Whether you want to buy essential items for your baby or if you are trying to find household products that offer functionality and affordability, consulting product review sites, such as, Consumer Reports and CNET can certainly guide you to the nice shopping experience. In this article, I want to share some important reasons why people, especially parents, can depend on product reviews before making a decision on their online purchase.

Being Familiar with the Product

Today, with modern online platforms, we don’t need to visit some physical stores to find the stuff you are going to buy and wait in line at the cashier. With that in mind, this large quantity of available products may be puzzling for buyers; how do you choose a brand or a model with all these large options?

So, positive reviews of customers can be a useful source of information for future buyers. Regardless of the product’s nature or function, you are sure to learn something that is not listed in the product description or is not clear on the displayed pictures. Also, as you cannot experience the product directly, you can get some perspective (for example, “this product fits perfectly in my car dashboard”), which will drive you to choose one product over another.

Know what Customers Feel about the Product

Reading the product reviews can be the best way to figure out whether the product offer the quality as its promises. For that matter, many brands tend to highlight their products quality and write good descriptions for sales and marketing purposes. By reading the product reviews, you can understand the quality of the products from people who are not connect to the brand.

Find out if The Product Fits Your Needs

With product reviews, you can determine whether a product will most likely meet your needs and be of value For example, you are trying to find a new vacuum cleaner. Although they all have the same basic feature and function, i.e. clean your floors and carpets, various models will certainly have different features and specs. This is important to consider whenever you are shopping for cleaning products and other home appliances. Besides the customers’ opinions on the product, performing some small research and finding the advice of professional reviewers can help you choose the right product that fits your needs.

Assess the Seller’s Professionalism and Reliability

Customer reviews are really helpful in providing information about the seller or company. Some time, you will find customers who will emphatically warn anyone to not dealing with certain suppliers or sellers, either because they have experienced shipping delays, bad communication or even after-sales service. I highly recommend choosing a qualified seller you can rely on, in order to avoid frustrations and distressing scenarios.