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My Travel Diary – The Walrus Hostel London

The Walrus Hostel was our choice for our first night in London, and it was a very happy choice!

We got in late at night trough the bar that is the signature of the place, and afterall it was with this bar that it all started. It’s in this cosy atmosphere that locals come together with travellers from each corner of the world, and thanks to the friendly staff everyone seems to feel at home. Here you find beauty in the chaos, all the furniture comes together in a chaos of styles, chaos of colours, chaos of ages, that somehow connect perfectly to create this eclectic and chilled vibe you feel as soon as you step in the door. (more…)

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Traveling with Kids to Singapore

Kids are defenseless; they are vulnerable to any kind of risky situations as they always play. Once you have your children with you in traveling to Singapore, You must be watchful as visiting other places needs some safety things to consider. Therefore, be extra-safe and in your acts while travelling with your kids.

Travelling with kids should have a lot of preparation and planning. You need to be ready in every single detail of your plans as kids need more supervisions and also safety considerations. (more…)

iHerb and the Alternative Natural Health Solutions for those who live in Singapore

In Singapore, People who are having prescribed drugs and non-prescription medications to counter various diseases, ailments, and maladies must deal with the numerous hazardous side effects that these chemical-based medications bring. The only solution to minimizing all these negative effects was to change to alternative natural medications that will not cause any contraindications. Due to this, everyone in Singapore has started heading back to the grassroots to imitate what their ancestors actually did thousand years ago. (more…)

Sri Lankan Wambatu Moju

Wambatu moju or pickle is quite popular in Sri Lanka as a delicious dish . Usually it is made for an exclusive dinner or lunch. You can keep Wambatu Moju for weeks in an airtight container. Served normally with rice and curries, wambatu moju is a quite tasty eggplant. On a special day you might find your mom made this to cheer things up or you might see this at most Sri Lankan festival.

The eggplant typically the purple-skinned, slender, and long variety – is sliced into bite-sized wedges and fried, which gives the eggplant a crispy surface with a silky and soft within. It is then caramelized with a spoon of vinegar, sugar , green chilies, mustard seeds, red onions , chili powder along with a turmeric powder to turn the color into almost black .

When you take a small bite, you will enjoy juicy and soft texture of the eggplant melting in your mouth — the slightly salty, sour, and sweet contrast is completely sensational. (more…)

Tips for buying an Electric Hair Straightening Brush

You can straighten your own hair with a electric straightening brush. These devices are very affordable and cost a smaller amount than flat irons or even other forms of hair straighteners. An electric hair straightening brush is really popular today, as it has various features. Many women in all ages find these devices handy, highly effective, and simple to operate. They also can be carried anywhere you go and they offer simple functions. Even though you don’t have or even use an electric hair straightener at home, the devices can help you tame frizzy and bushy hair. (more…)

Rediscover Your Love For Music

If you think back to when you were a kid, there was just something special about the local music store. With a mix of traditional and modern music to choose from, along with a host of instruments to learn to play, it was a great place to go for both adults and children alike. That same feeling can still be had today. When you visit a music store boston, you will find all of your favorite instruments. The staff are willing and ready to help find the perfect fit for you, and even give you lessons if you so desire. You can truly rediscover your love for music with every visit. Find the Right Instrument No matter if you are in need of purchasing or renting a particular musical instrument, a music store is the perfect place to start and finish your search. (more…)