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Top Things to do in Bagan

bagan stupasIf you seek for a place that treasures the world class temples like Angkor Wat, Bagan – Myanmar  should be the premier choice. Boasting rich history and striking landscapes, Bagan is home to some 2,300 pagodas and temples constructed from 11th century of all sizes.
Mr. Zaw, a travel experts from Myanmar Tours shares his tips of what you should enjoy in Bagan:

Horseback riding

Not so many travelers knows about this activity in Bagan. The ride is offered exclusively by a local tour operator, making you discover all the rural villages that ordinary tourists do not know. The trails link villages with remote stupas, yet still a great touch to Bagan legendary monuments. (more…)

The reasons why many women choose Brazilian Virgin Hair

vg56Hair extensions are not only for famous people anymore. Even common consumers can enjoy the modern trends on hair styling by means of inexpensive hair extensions. One variety that most women are becoming more interested in is Brazilian Virgin Hair.

Brazilian Virgin Hair is one of the most popular hair extensions since it has become the most effective types of hair extensions for most women all over the world. Without a doubt, it’s the main choice not only to most consumers but also for beauty salon professionals as well. If you are planning on using a wig or any type of hair extensions, you should consider getting some laser hair removal done to get rid of any hair that might mess up the process. 

If you are a woman who likes testing with various hairstyles, then it is advisable to just attach it yourself. In such a manner, you possibly can take it off at nighttime and then replace it with the different model next day for a completely different look. Nevertheless, if you have been comfortable on a particular look and made up your mind to support such a type for a moment, then it is better to have an expert do it for you. (more…)

Tips for hiring a limo service for prom night

limo prom nightFor teens, prom is a really exclusive night, and therefore, every little thing must run as well as possible. Then for individuals who are willing to rent a prom limousine from Advent Transportation , usually there are some things that need to be done before contacting and placing an order. Although their parents usually offer to carry out the preparations of renting a prom limousine, this may serve as a suitable time for teens to figure out how to manage business and be accountable. Obviously, the parents can still give some help along the process.

Having a group of friends to use limo together is a well-advised saving tip. By sharing the limousine with others, we can split the cost and not a single person must be worried about transportation. (more…)

Abu Dhabi – The Grand Mosque

UnknownI’m attempting to review on the off chance that I’ve at any point been inside a mosque some time recently, yet I’m very sure this is my first time being in one of this bore. The Sheik Zhayed Grand Mosque is beyond question an unquestionable requirement see when you visit Abu Dhabi. Whatever your religion may be, it doesn’t change the way that this mosque is a gem that should be acknowledged with a receptive outlook, people even like learning about other religions like about How did God “rest”. Ideally my photos will persuade you. The best way to reach here is by car. To find cheap car rental abudhabi deals you check

Before we get on with it, here’s an essential note when going to the mosque: Wear appropriate clothing! Ladies must be secured from go to toe. Actually. Wear long jeans and since quite a while ago sleeved shirts that are not skintight, then wear a scarf or burka on the make a beeline for shroud dominant part of the hair. Shoes are alright to the extent I know. Men should likewise wear long jeans and legitimate shirts. When we are in the place of another, we should never dismiss regard. (more…)

Organizing a Top-Freezer

17This past week I worked on organizing my friend’s top-freezer in her kitchen.  It was a blast, probably because friendship – and children playing together nicely – makes any project go by quickly.

I spent two afternoons with her and a few trips to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store.  I hadn’t been there in a while and if I wasn’t focused on finishing Mollie’s freezer, I may have gotten swept away in their giant Spring Organization Sale going on now.  But I remained strong (ha!) and powered through. (more…)

Coffee Station & Decoration

16I have a terrible habit of welcoming people into my home and then forgetting to offer them a drink.  It’s either a mental block or early dementia but it’s ridiculous!  So, I created a permanent drink station on my kitchen island and then tweak the decorating details with each new season.

I’m not joking when I say, I could literally serve a five-course meal to guests and completely forget about offering a beverage to them.  Thankfully, my husband and now even my daughter are quick to make this most basic gesture of hospitality.  Because of those two, no one leaves here parched.  However, my side-kicks aren’t always around when I have company in the kitchen.