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5 Common Construction Site Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there are over 70,000 construction site accidents annually. Construction is an inherently risky industry due to the many activities that take place on the site. Regardless of the size of the construction project, the job site is likely to have heavy machinery, pieces of equipment, materials being moved to and from the work area, and numerous activities. As a result, the potential injuries are higher compared to many other industries.

Here is a look at 5 common construction site injuries.

Falling From Heights

Statistics show that over half of all the fatalities relating to falling from heights occur in the construction industry. The construction workers, in most cases, are required to work from great heights. Learn of the common reasons for construction falls.

  • Lack of safety training
  • Not having the proper safety equipment
  • Absence of guidelines
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • How to Prevent Falls

Employers should use the right strategy to prevent their employees from falling. The first step is to train their workers on the safety protocol they should implement when working on height. Teach your employees to carry out regular safety checks on their ladders and scaffolding. It is also important to ensure your employees have protective equipment like helmets to help prevent severe injuries.

Struck By Objects

The other common cause of death in the construction site is workers being struck by tools like machines or falling objects. Construction workers can be hit by almost any type of object when working on construction projects. Learn about the objects that might have hit the workers.

  • Falling debris and materials
  • Collapsing structures
  • Swinging or swaying machines
  • Tools

How to Prevent Your Workers from Being Struck by Objects

Train your employees on how to always be on the lookout for items that could fall from above. It is also vital to ensure that your employees wear the proper protective safety equipment.

Caught In Between Machines or Materials

Another deadly construction site accident is the workers getting caught between machines or materials being used for construction. Accidents can happen anywhere on the construction site where an employee can fall victim to getting caught, squeezed, crushed, pinched, or compressed between two objects. Find out what causes such accidents.

  • Cave-in from unprotected trenches
  • Mobile types of machinery rollovers
  • Crush between rolling, sliding, or shifting objects

How to Prevent Workers from Being Caught In Between Machines or Materials

You can control your employees from being caught between devices or materials by using types of machinery that are appropriately guarded. Not removing safety guards when tools are being used and teaching your employees the dangers of wearing loose clothing or jewelry when operating a moving part.


In most construction sites, there are exposed power lines and wiring. Thus, this is the reason electrocution is one of the common injuries in the construction site. When workers come across any live wires, the results could be severe burns, shock, or death. Here are the common causes of electrocution in the construction site.

  • Overhead power lines
  • Extension cords
  • Using defective electrical types of equipment
  • How to Prevent Electrocution

Workers working near the power line should assume that the lines are active and unsafe to keep a proper distance. The construction managers should regularly inspect the construction cords, and if they are faulty, you should replace them.

Fires and Explosion

Another common cause of accidents in the construction site is fires and explosions. All it takes is a spark going off in the wrong place, which could lead to a fire. Fire in the construction site is dangerous as it can result in employees and visitors being seriously injured. Here are common causes of fire in the construction site.

  • High heat and sparks
  • Not implementing proper safety guidelines when fuel
  • Leaking pipes and gases
  • Poor storage of fuel

How to Prevent Fires and Explosions

Ensure you switch off each unattended fuel and gas at all times. All the employees should undergo safety training on safety measures they should put in place when dealing with fuel. They should also know how to prevent themselves from injuries in the event of fires and explosions.

Has your friend or a family member experienced any of the above 5 common construction site injuries? Seek medical attention but do not forget to talk to a construction site accident attorney for compensation.

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