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5 wedding traditions to consider for your big day

Weddings are all about tradition. The white dress, the Best Man, the whole family together under one roof, and perhaps one too many glasses of wine! However, modern weddings have changed the way we think about tying the knot, and some of the traditions of the past are now commonly overlooked. Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite old and new traditions to ensure that your wedding is as good as it can be. Give these traditions a try…

Something blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe. It’s a well-known phrase, but modern brides don’t always conform to this tradition – especially the blue part. The idea is the old represents continuity, new offers some optimism for the future, borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness and blue for purity, love, and fidelity. Oh, and the coin is there to give you some good luck as you walk down the aisle.


Everyone exchanges wedding bands at their ceremony as a visible promise of commitment and love, but old traditions are changing. We’re increasingly seeing men wear engagement rings before they marry or even wear their wedding ring before their big day, with 17% of men saying that engagement rings shouldn’t be exclusively for women. Others are taking a more traditional approach and shopping for rings with meaning. Claddagh rings, for example, are designed to symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty, with a heart, hands, and crown.

Pre-ceremony photography

A more recent tradition is for brides and grooms to organize their wedding photography before the ceremony takes place, rather than after. Indeed, though not seeing one another before the wedding has always been a big tradition, an increasing number of Insta-obsessed couples are asking photographers to plan shoots on the morning of the wedding so they can relax and unwind once it’s done. And it makes sense! Let’s face it, nobody will want to sit still if they know they’re going to have a camera pointed in their face in an hour or so’s time!


Though most couples still register for traditional items, some have alternative registry ideas. Modern couples often open a Honeymoon Registry where guests can pay for upgrades and activities, such as sunset cruises and rose petals on the bed, and others ask their guests to donate to the couple’s favorite charities, whether that’s a cancer charity or childrens’ charity.

Hobby-themed weddings

Forget the traditional white dress and a church – today, couples are rewriting the rulebook and coming up with their own wedding themes and traditions. Today’s couples are super creative and want to create a wedding that stands out from the crowd. Actor Matthew McConaughey, for example, married his wife Camila Alves back in 2012. Rather than opting for a traditional theme, they subjected their guests to air-conditioned tents, a “glamping” experience unlike any other. After spending time with their loved ones, they opted for a romantic sunset ceremony surrounded by family and friends, including Reese Witherspoon.

There you have it – some old-fashioned and some more contemporary traditions to consider adding to your wedding bucket list. Though it’s great to honor the past and your family, you must put yourself first, and remember that it’s your wedding and your money! Have fun and make the day one to remember. Congratulations! We wish you the very best of luck.

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