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A Charity Guide to Planning 2021 Fundraising Events

Learn about the format of hybrid event

If a whole virtual events calendar appears to be a worst case scenario, you could perhaps create hybrid events in your calendar. This evolving event format enables organizers to take advantage of both physical and virtual aspects.

Hybrid events are organized in a physical venue and a live online audience is also present. However, unlike streaming a live event, participation is the key to overcome the physical-virtual gap. Supporters come together along with physical participants to an event, experience and engage, ask questions and talk with fellow participants.

When confronted with the unknown,  virtual-physical  hybrid format, charities have the flexibility for their followers to plan  fun,  imaginative,  and novel interactions adapted to any restrictions.

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The hybrid structure is so attractive from a planning standpoint with this flexibility. A hybrid event enables organizers to take advantage of the enthusiasm and participation factor of the  physical event while also creating contingencies.

If increasing lock-up measures come into effect near the time of the event, a platform will already be in place to enable you to virtually deliver this event. And if there’s ease in restrictions, then you can take part physically and allow those who cannot or just don’t feel comfortable in taking part, to participate virtually.

The organizers can also develop national campaigns consisting of smaller communities. This has several advantages. Hybrid events in an age of national lockdown and various constraints allow charity events planners, depending on the social distance measures in place, to promote involvement in a safe manner.

It is only appropriate to see the London Marathon spearheading the hybrid event model this summer as among the important milestones in the big charity calendar. A few elite athletes were restricted to the physical component of this event, but runners collecting funds for charitable organizations still could participate virtually.

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A marathon’s indeed a wonderful example of how well a hybrid event performs. Some participants still run the marathon in a centralized location and other participants participate  nearer to home using  an event-app. As we progress, it is anticipated that such events will become normal.

Perhaps the best placed to recreate the mood and spirit of the times are hybrid events. They enable highly personalized experiences – one of the new trends within the event management industry. A greater degree of supporter expectation was generated by the digital upswing during the pandemic. The opportunity to personalize the hybrid approach enables charities to provide meaningful experiences to different individual participants.

Save the event date,  place TBD: How charitable organizations can convert virtual plans to physical activities

Despite the advantages of virtual events, we understand that more conventional physical formats are still appealing.

While the scheduling of an actual physical New Year Day 2021 event may not seem a particularly good idea, it does appear to be another proposition to schedule a summer event or one at the end of 2021.

Indeed, there may be an opportunity to plan a physical event schedule. Once this is safe, conventional event formats would definitely be appealing. Anything that signals a return to normal is warmly embraced by mankind.  The celebratory environment can well help charities conducting cheerful participation events.

The aim is to be versatile in planning and to integrate as many contingencies into your event as possible. We strongly recommend that you have a hybrid feature in your plans. This way you would not have to cancel the event outright if the event can’t take place because of increased social distance measures.

Therefore the object and format of any physical event should be considered. Events which can be performed in a virtual format are much less of a danger than events connected to one location and time.

This is quite clear. Start by organizing virtual activities for all physical events. Then add hybrid features and improve the percentage of physical elements in your region in advance, based on the scale of restriction. In this way, the event can start without taking into account the limitations on the day of the event.

You can do this, thus minimizing the effect of attendance if you choose to scale back the physical participation on a hybrid or perhaps even virtual event format.

Get free online resources to begin your 2021 plan.

Regardless of the format of the case, a secure virtual event platform ensures that the likelihood of the fundraiser being cancelled is as low as possible.

The virtual event platform in Enthuse helped JDRF in a time of great uncertainty to plan a successful calendar of 2020 events. More information on preparation can be found here.

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