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A Little Extra Motivation for you who are in the age of 35

It’s 35 degrees outside, and this is the warmest day we will have all week. This is terrible news for my daily walk. That means I need a little extra motivation to get myself moving.

It turns out that once again the gods have smiled down on me , yes me, Tessie the Frugal lady, with their shining brilliance. This time their effulgence takes the form of a brand-new library in my hometown. Yes. I’ve no doubt that this was all put in train by the heavens for my own convenience and benefit. Because we already have a great library here, but this new one is much closer to MY house.

So I checked out the new library yesterday and I came away with a book-on-cd by one of my favorite authors, Ms. P.D. James. OF COURSE I’ve already read it (Shroud for a Nightingale), but as we all know, a P.D. James novel is well worth reading/listening to many, many times.

Today I thought I’d try downloading it to my iPod so I can listen to it while I go for my daily walk, and so help distract myself from the cold. Yay! It worked! So far the victim has been murdered in a delightfully grisly manner. That’s the first cd, which lasted as long as my walk did. This means that I have eleven more walks to find out “whodunit”.

Now, before anyone cries “FOUL” that I am downloading a borrowed-from-the-library-cd to my iPod, I just want to assure everyone that in this case my iPod is acting only as a listening (as opposed to a storage) device. That’s because I erase the portion of the novel I already listened to before I go on to the next section, so my stewardship of the “book” is as temporary (2 weeks) as the library intended. Plus, I looked all over the box and it doesn’t forbid it. So there.

Believe me, if I had a portable cd player I would use that, but I don’t think they even make those anymore so this is the best that I can do (plus I don’t want to BUY anything, of course, when I already own an iPod). Well, there is a cd player in my car, so I suppose I could drive and listen, but that would defeat the purpose of exercising, now wouldn’t it?

I see on the library’s website that it is actually possible to download audiobooks. I think I will try that next, but that seems really hard so I’d better get my smart husband to do it for me. Poor me with my soft head! It’s a good thing I have a big, strong man with big brains to do these things for me. Hee hee hee.

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