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Arranging with The Flower Appreciation Society

This experience was literally a dream come true, a morning with the simply fabulous and, oh-so-talented girls who run and own The Flower Appreciation Society. They are the coolest girls in the business ‘so hot right now’; I couldn’t believe my luck when Ellie invited me over to play with flowers in their studio!

This creative meet all came about when unfortunately I couldn’t make one of their flower crown workshops last November. I was so upset, these are their signature style, they have made it into Vogue, Elle and all sorts of other major fashion magazine. Sadly my flipping chemo schedule got in the way of me making the workshop. I explained my predicament and they replied ‘why don’t you come down to our studio and play with flowers when you’re better?!’ These girls are just truly amazing, so kind and generous, major girl crush! Then if you would love to become a professional florist then you can do courses on the subject to further your skills and then easily get that career.

Anyway, fast forward a month or two and after a few emails going back and forth trying to get a date, I was in Haggerston, nervously walking into their amazing studio, being greeted with huge smiles, a table full or spring flowers, a mug of earl grey tea and shelves and shelves or incredible vases, I was in flower heaven! I honestly couldn’t really believe I was there, I have admired these girls for years and now I was in their studio about to arrange with them!

With no time to lose I was put to work straight away on a contract job they have with a local pub where they supply weekly flowers for their tables and bar. With slight panic in my eyes and a fear of not wanting to let them down, I knuckled down and got in my zone.  And it wasn’t long before I had a huge smile on my face and was relaxing into it and I then realized how happy this moment was making me! I was in my element!

A crate full of posies for their local and the work didn’t stop there. Next up, floral creations for the bar top. These designs needed to be high impact and large so they aren’t lost in the pub.  sadly had to rush off to one of my many doctors appointments but, the few hours I was there I learnt absolutely loads, how to do large and small designs but also it secured how I feel in my decision to do this on my own as my own business! The experience brought me so much joy, why wouldn’t I want to try and do this everyday for a living!?

Thank you so much Ellie, Anna and Izzy!

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