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Australia’s 10 Greatest Bus Road Trips

Australia is beautiful, but when it comes particularly to road trips, its beauty seems enhanced. This makes road trip Australia a popular activity amongst travelers from all over the world. Tourists travelfrom far across to reach the best road trip destinations. To get you excited,here are the top 10 road trips in Australia.

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  1. East Coast of Tasmania


Tasmania is the liveliest town in Australia. It is known for its delicious food, beautiful beaches, and adventurous lifestyle. This place has a perfect climate for growers, producers, winemakers and chefs who are waiting for you to come and try their marvelous delicacies. The Great Eastern Drive is one place which will give you a relaxing experience, beyond your imagination. With numerous activities to offer, this place should be on top of your list of road trips Australia. 

  1. The Big Lap


Driving around Australia or doing the ‘Big Lap’ is every traveler’s dream. The best way to do it is by hiring a caravan. The Big Lap requires both, time and money. Before doing the Big Lap, you should choose the best weather according to your requirements; you will be in for a treat.

  1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria


Take a trip to The Great Ocean Road and witness the spectacular coastal scenic beauty. Be it the gorgeous volcanic plains, natural parks or the 12 Apostles, this is a place worth remembering. The great ocean walk will restore your life balance; food lovers will enjoy their delicious culinary scene.

  1. Journey from Cairns to Cape York


The vast and beautiful wilderness region of Cape York is located in the north of Cairns. This place is all about nature’s blessings. With crystal clear springs, waterfalls and carnivorous plants, you can find ‘joy’ everywhere.

  1. The Savannah Way


This 3700-kilometer-long Australia’s adventure drive will link you to 15 national parks and 5 World Heritage areas. You can enjoy its wide horizons, ancient gorges and vast wildlife. The Savannah Way will take you all the way to Western Australia’s picturesque town of Broome.

  1. Great Alpine Road, Victoria


The Great Alpine Road crosses through the mountains claiming the most beautiful mountain scenery. Get ready for an incredible journey and a place with perfect weather for cycling, walking, and camping. Want more? It is known for its hospitality, food, and festivals.

  1. The Gibb River Road, WA


This 660-kilometer-long 4WD adventure trip will take you through the wild Kimberley region of Western Australia. From watching crocodiles in fresh water to bushwalk, this place is a heaven for adventurers. Don’t forget to take your food with you as this place is full of wildlife, not McDonald’s.

  1. The Pacific Coast Road Trip


This Pacific Coast Road, also known as The Legendary Pacific Coast, is the most famous road trips Australia. This scenic drive is full of stunning beaches, national parks, and lush green hills. It is a perfect trip for travelers looking to experience Australia and its major sites.

  1. The Coral Coast Drive


From swimming with a whale shark on Ningaloo Reef to white beaches and four-wheel drive through canyons, the Coral Coast Drive is a must have experience. This place is the perfect example of desert meeting the sea.

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  1. Outback Central Arnhem Highway


The best way to cover this drive is to hire a 4WD vehicle.The 710 km long drive has just one fuel station, so don’t forget to take your jerry cans with you. This place is mysterious and magical, and will teach you survival tactics for sure.


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