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Reducing Your Risk Of Becoming The Victim Of A Burglary

At the end of a long, stressful day, you return to your house or apartment, happy to finally be home. However, your home — as well as the possessions you keep there — may be at greater risk than you realize. Did you know that about 2.5 million burglaries are committed every year? That works out to an average of 10,100 burglaries per day, every day.

Furthermore, about two-thirds of those are residential break-ins — so any house can become a target. The majority of burglaries happen between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., when people are less likely to be at home, and the average break-in takes less time than you might realize — just eight to ten minutes.

Obviously, no one wants to be the victim of a crime. Even a minor burglary can cost you peace of mind, not to mention money; the average burglary loss is $2,416. Statistics suggest that over the next 20 years, three in four homes are likely to be broken into, yet most homes lack any kind of security system. (more…)

Grad prep 101

Graduating high school is an incredibly exciting event. It’s also pretty scary when you realize how quickly college is approaching. Balancing spending time with friends and loved ones while simultaneously getting ready to go to school and leave home can be stressful. Here’s how to manage it all and make the most of your time before you start college.

The first thing you should do is start getting the thing you’ll need in college. If you wait too long to start shopping, you might struggle to get everything you need before you leave home. Make a checklist of all the things you’ll need at school. Kitchen supplies, storage containers, and study materials like backpacks and binders can usually be picked up for cheap at your local thrift store. Save your money for the really expensive items you won’t want to skimp on, like electronics and textbooks. Keep your eyes open for any back to school deals on these items so you can get the best price. You’ll feel more confident about leaving for college as you slowly start to pick up the necessities, and you won’t feel panicked later about needing to buy a bunch of stuff last minute. (more…)

The Last Days of Brianne Slabaugh

It’s been more than 12 months since Michael Slabaugh last saw his daughter, Brianne Slabaugh. She was found lifeless in the Everglades. While the official cause of death is drug overdose, the father insists that there is more to the story.

According to official accounts, the FBI is investigating Brianne’s part in a murder for hire plot. However, she died before the plot came into action.

Brianne Slabaugh was just 26 years old. People close to her mention the fact that she had many secrets.

Her body was found in the Everglades. Her father, hasn’t tampered with her room. He has left it the same way it was before her death.

According to Michael, Brianne had a passion for Monster Trucks. Both father and daughter often travelled miles to watch their favorite sport. Her love for Monster Trucks didn’t stop her from having an equal passion for dancing, hummingbirds, and drawing. (more…)