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Belize – The Right Place to Move

Belize is a wonderful country, green and lush, surrounded by the most attractive sea waters and also the blue skies. This place is ideally situated and close and easily reachable; just a few hours flight from Houston, New Orleans or Miami. That is why it turns into the best getaway for vacationing tourists.

Located on the Caribbean coast, Belize comes with a hundreds of islands and islets. These are usually called Cayes, and you will also find fish, coral life and lagoons which are abundantly available here.

If you are living in the Canada, United States, or Europe, you do not need any visa for visiting Belize. The Belize City International Airport always welcomes you with a warm heart.

Belize – Where Nature Surrounds

Belize has amazing flora and fauna, while the marine is abundant with corals and a lot of types of fish. Belize is eco-friendly, and has widely used all the resources for implementing sustainable development plans. Homes can have electricity powered by solar panel, purified drinking water gathered by reverse osmosis transforming sea-water or even by harvesting rainwater and then storing it in the cistern.

You will find numerous areas in Belize which are just as interesting and also wonderful. The easiest way to explore Belize is using the guidance of a reputable travel agency. This travel agency will help you to plan a holiday or you can check Remax Belize to help you to see various locations and properties from the prospect of moving permanently to Belize.

You will find many and varied reasons why Belize is evolving into a nice destination for individuals who would like to stay away from the busy city life.

Permanent residency

Whatever country you are from, there is no problem when you get a permanent residency in Belize. You just need to live one year in Belize to be eligible for receiving the Permanent Residency certificate. You may also reside in Belize without abandoning your present citizenship.

Foreign Ownership

Foreign ownership is allowed in Belize. The local authority will charge a certain percentage per transaction. Usually, the stamp tax for Belizeans and also non-Belizeans alike is 5 % of the sale transaction cost.

Community Living

Belize is offering community living in some locations. This provides ideal facilities and infrastructure for smaller developments. To achieve this, there are some companies is offering real estate Belize on Long Caye , which makes it possible for ownership of an environmentally friendly house in Belize on one of its most wonderful islands. Also, Community living makes properties more affordable to fit all types of pockets.

Surprise Yourself

Nature in Belize features all the colors on the earth. It is a dream of everyone to enjoy living in the island. You just need to book the next flight. Then you will reach there only a few hours. Sure, you want to own a piece of property in Belize. A home for you that love nature. Give yourself an amazing surprise.

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