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Benko’s Student Homestay : One of the best students homestay in Singapore

homestay clip artWhen contemplating sending your child to study abroad whether it is for study abroad programs you are emotionally torn. On the one hand, you understand the opportunity to further your child’s education through cultural exchange is a positive one – this is a decision which will impact your child’s future, on a personal and professional level for may years to come. On the other hand, you feel understandably anxious at the thought of sending your child halfway across the world, to another country, with no parental guidance.

This conflict of heart and mind can oftentimes be the main deciding factor when choosing the perfect student homestay for your child.

You want to your child to feel safe, and so do we, then visit to learn more.

As a guest at Benkos Student Homestay, your child’s surroundings will be as close to home as you can imagine. When your child is comfortable in their accommodation, safe from worry and with everything they need provided for them, this frees them to concentrate on their studies, personal development and enjoyment of their host city. A child who has a comfortable home-base will feel instantly at ease, with the confidence to ask questions and explore their surroundings.

benko homestay rooms

We pride ourselves on our international, inclusive and friendly atmosphere and our ability, as a family, to create a domestic environment in which your child can thrive, academically and emotionally.

You want your child to feel at ease from the moment they step into our home and at Benko’s Student Homestay, so do we.

Where We Are

Situated in a leafy and quiet suburb in the Loyang area of Singapore, Benko’s Student Homestay is a beautiful four-storey home which will quickly become a home to your child too. With quiet, fully-furnished rooms available on the very top floor of this stunning period building, your child will enjoy the feeling of having his or her own personal space while still being just a staircase or two from the centre of the house.


At the end of a busy day of study and cultural exchange, when personal space is much needed, the location of your child’s room on the top floor is just far enough away from the centre of the home for them to feel they truly have their own space to relax.

bengko homestay

Our beautiful home was fully renovated a little over one year ago, decor throughout the house is modern and stylish. Student rooms are newly refurbished, with new furniture including –

benko homestay rooms 2


At Benko’s Student Homestay we only ever have four students to stay at any one time meaning  there is ample space and attention given to each of our young guests throughout their stay.

What We Provide

“We help you to register and coordinate for your child’s schol placement test (AEIS and S-AEIS test), preparation of exam and thereafter, registration to the local school.”

Free to use the kitchen and with meals provided daily by the family your child will feel instantly at home. There is no need to worry about laundry as this service is also provided enabling your child to spend their leisure time on study and recreational activities around Singapore. We do however encourage a level of self-sufficiency with regards to keeping a clean room, with each guest expected to clean up after themselves at all times.

As Halal-only homestay we will only ever use certified Halal produce within our kitchen, we are also able to cater to any special dietary requirements your child may require during their stay should they be required.

Situated in Loyang, we are well placed for Changi Airport which can easily be reached via a short trip on Singapore’s MRT green line. Buses and taxis are also readily available and reasonably priced.

There is a convenience store located a short, two minute stroll from the house where your child can buy snacks and any basic essentials. A short bus ride or walk away your child will find a supermarket – Loyang Point – where they will find everything they need during their stay. If they can’t locate a certain item, Azra will be happy to help point them in the right homestay

What Your Child Will Learn With Us

Along with any emotional support your child may require during their stay, Benko’s Student Homestay also provide monthly Life Skills classes. At Benko’s we don’t just want to support your child in their studies, we want to help them to study life’s basics too, ensuring that when they leave us, in addition to their prized degree certificate,they are also the proud owners of an excellent set of everyday life skills.

Like you, we want your child to enter their post-education life one step ahead of the rest, with the skills they need to get on and build a productive life for themselves.

cooking in homestay

We want your child to be as independent as possible, whilst also being the safety net should they need help at any point during their stay. At Benko’s Student Homestay our ultimate aim is to provide a well-rounded, friendly, family feel to your child’s experience.

The life skills we aim to focus on include:

  • Budgeting/Managing finances
  • Cooking skills
  • Domestic Skills
  • Goal Setting

As well as monthly classes we also aim to provide a twice-monthly Cookery Class in the house kitchen. This is a great opportunity for your child to interact with the family and other guests while learning new recipes to take forward with them in the future – maybe they would like to share a few of their own recipes from home too?bnvg

We encourage a sense of sharing within our home in the hope that everyone can learn and share new and exciting skills throughout their time with us.Activities such as cooking a meal together are an excellent way to feel involved and to feel you have helped to contribute to the daily running of the house in a meaningful and sociable way.

About The Family

We are a relaxed and friendly family of five – Azra and Nicolas, and our three children – Danish, 14, Lea, 5 and Luc, 4.

Azra graduated with a degree in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling in the U.K. and has been worked with children and young adults in a residential and school setting for over 20 years; Nicolas has a masters degree in Computer Science and currently works as for a banking software company in Singapore.


We would be delighted to welcome your child in to our home for the duration of their studies in Singapore. Our home is truly multi-cultural; as an international, mixed family – Azra’s husband, Nicolas, is originally from Belgium – your child will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures alongside new languages including English, Bahasa and French. The family also understand basic Mandarin.

As an experienced counsellor, Azra has an excellent understanding of children’s developmental needs and desires. She will be on hand to effectively and impartially advise and guide your child throughout the duration of their stay, enabling them to tackle any issues or decisions they may be struggling with, head-on while providing a comforting listening ear and empowering child to make choices and overcome their problems with confidence.

benko host

We envisage a happy and productive time for your child, however we are aware of the need for that guiding ear in times of struggle – maybe they will feel homesick or maybe the need for reassurance from an adult figure on how best to approach a problem or dilemma within their studies or course is what hey need? Whatever their questions, or should they need a kind and reassuring ear to listen to their worries, Azra will be there to help ensure your child is listened to and feels a part of the home at all times.

Recreation and Relaxation

Pasir Ris Public Library – Located in the Central road area of Pasir Ris, this recently refurbished, modern library is the perfect space for your child to immerse themselves in their books – study or recreational – and lose a few hours in the comfort of this perfectly located study space. With may of the libraries’ new facilities geared-up to cater for the digital age there will be lots for your child to explore in this learning haven. With regular cultural events held throughout the year, you child is sure to find plenty to keep them learning and entertained.

White Sands Shopping Mall Filled to the brim with coffee shops and tasty food outlets, this modern shopping mall has been popular with the east-siders of Singapore for sometime. Situated on Pasir Ris Central road, this large shopping mall has everything your child could need to keep them entertained. Whether your child is looking to grab quiet coffee and a cosy corner while they study or looking for a fun-filled evening experience, dinning out with friends at one of the many restaurants on offer, they will have plenty of choice , at reasonable price.

Pasir Ris Park   Within walking distance of the house you’ll find Pasir Ris Park, a stunning beach park, opened in 1989. The park occupies 71 hectares of land – plenty of picturesque scenery to enjoy – maybe your child will take their coursework to the park for regular afternoon of study in one of the many shaded areas? This coastal park is among the largest in Singapore and a definite big plus for your child’s doorstep.

benko homestay rooms 3

Extra Tuition

Should your child feel the call of Music, we are well placed to recommend tuition on a range of instruments, all within walking distance of the house – We even have digital pianos in our home should your child wish to perfect their skills and impress the family.

Should you child require any extra tuition to help with their school studies, we have many experienced tutors in the immediate area who would be available to assist with your child’s educational needs in any given subject.

We can also recommend local tuition for the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) test. This is the perfect opportunity to get your child adapted to the education system in Singapore. As the AEIS test focuses on two main subjects – English and Mathematics – extra tuition on theses core subjects will be of great benefit to your child’s confidence and ability when it comes to taking this important test.

Sporting, Arts and Cultural Activities

Your child will find many sporting, arts and cultural facilities on offer in the local area. With  community and sports centres on their doorstep they will be spoilt for choice! Local classes  and courses of interest include-

  • Martial arts
  • Singing classes
  • Swimming (just SGD 1.00 per visit)
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Art and Craft classes…

…and so much more!

With the opportunity for your child to get involved with many of the local community arts, culture clubs and festivals throughout Singapore during year, there really is everything your child could need to keep them occupied and active throughout their stay at Benko’s Student Homestay.

For more details about Benko’s Student Homestay , please visit their Facebook fanpage at  Don’t hesitate to give LIKE and SHARE it to your families and friends who are planning to study in Singapore.



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