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Watch out boys, there really is such a thing as an ex-boyfriend database

Cheaters are no longer safe, thanks to the bad boyfriend database. Women are flocking to the website to keep track of relationships that didn’t end so well.

After decades of getting away with mistreating women, they’ve decided to take action. Women are coming together to report their jerky ex-boyfriends.

The site gives women a place to chat about their negative experiences regarding past relationships. So, if you’re planning on cheating on your girlfriend, you might want to reconsider, that is, if you’re not keen on ending up on the bad boyfriend list.

Although the site forbids posting actual personal contact information, so it falls just short of doxing a poor bloke, the site does allow women to post their stories of their ex-boyfriends.

Mira from Naperville, Illinois, writes in about her boyfriend Mike, who she calls a “textbook covert narcissist.”

Kim from Denver, Colorado, writes in to say that she dated her boyfriend Steve for 6 years, and he turned out to be a “pathological liar,” and that he was a “smooth talking con artist”.

Some of the stories are short and to the point, like the entry that says her ex-boyfriend Kevin from Ohio is a cheater with an STD.

Then there are others who go into long details about their history, such as the story about James from Chicago. This former Navy SEAL really seemed to upset his ex-girlfriend. She wrote in telling all about their four-year relationship, that, as you might have guessed, didn’t end well. (more…)

Where to Learn Sea Turtle Sketch Drawing?

Sea turtles are a wonderful topic to draw, and a quick step by step the guide could be very helpful for beginners or younger children. It’s also an excellent method to demonstrate to children that most drawings are nothing more than a collection of simple lines and shapes. So have fun swimming across the water with adorable sea turtles in your journey towards learning how to draw them.

In this article, we’ll discuss places where you can learn sea turtle drawing with sketch.


If you’re a stay-at-home person who doesn’t want to attend an art school or a mother who wants to teach her child how to sketch at home, YouTube is the place to go. On how to draw a sea turtle, YouTube has a plethora of online lessons, step-by-step guides, detailed instructions, and more. Simply go to YouTube, type a relevant term into the search field, such as “turtle sketch tutorial,” and hit enter. Then you’ll find hundreds of lessons that have been uploaded just for you to learn from and get ideas from. (more…)

Benefits of Teaching Children to Swim at an Early Age

Teaching children to swim from a young age have a number of positive aspects, in fact they will in turn develop to be champion swimmers in their age, rather in early stages.

Apart from that, it must be explained that with regards to teaching children to swim at an early age, among the major benefits is that kids don’t have almost any fear of water or even drowning at a early age – which they are likely to develop when they become adults. Actually, it is broadly known and recognized that when babies are placed into water, chances are good that they can have the ability to swim for safety, even though they have never been trained the right way to swim. This is because; swimming is basically an in-born behavior; it does not need to be taught. Yet, many of us will need to be trained the right way to swim due to the fact we had not used to swimming in the early formative ages. As time passes, instincts and fear will end up taking a back seat. (more…)

Teaching a Toddler

Teaching a 3 year old history? Yes! Guess what? You can start introducing the concept of history even to toddlers by helping them learn and begin to conceptualize the passage of time itself. This article includes ten amazing ideas to start teaching history at home even to toddler-age children. To begin, we start young children off with learning about the duration and the passage of time. Time is such an abstract and intangible concept, even for us adults. Imagine, from a developmental point of view, what a child who can’t even understand for a second or ten years would be like?

History for Toddlers

First, begin to help your toddler learn to understand time. A great way to begin this is to give them an old-fashioned large egg timer with loud second clicks, and have them wait for specific things: one minute for a dessert after dinner, or counting down an hour before bath time. You can also make learning time into fun activities, such as having a wall calendar and letting them draw the weather for each day, and then asking them about what the weather was like on past days. (more…)

Kids Educational Games Make Great Gifts

Are you looking to buy kid’s gift which is special, entertaining, and also educational? If you are buying birthday gift, Christmas gift or simply an exclusive present for a kid in your lifetime, you will find a large number of ideas online. Numerous parents and also caregivers value the significance of play which comes with learning possibilities. Children learn a variety of skills from developing games and activities while also enjoying themselves.

As seen on this french blog, now I am going to share a few games and activities which are guaranteed to inspire creativity and learning.

Puzzles – These are an easy way to help kids achieve more understanding of their environment and also much better hand eye sychronisation. Jigsaw puzzles can be a indoor pastime for children to do. You can purchase basic puzzles with large, vibrant pieces for small children to more complex puzzles for school children who have a variety of pieces to get together. (more…)