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Battery vs Domestic Battery

Domestic violence causes rifts between millions of spouses and family members every year. It is a serious charge, so if you are accusing someone of domestic violence or are facing an accusation yourself, it is vital that you understand how one of the most common charges of domestic violence — domestic battery — is defined under family law and how it differs from the much broader battery charge.

What Is Battery?

Battery is a crime that occurs when you intentionally cause harmful or offensive physical contact to another party. This can be any form of harmful, insulting, or provoking touch. For example, shoving someone harshly or tripping someone when they pass you by. In some states, battery is bundled together with assault as “assault and battery” or simply the singular crime of “assault.” (more…)

Who Is Responsible for Debt in a Florida Divorce?

Divorcing parties frequently encounter misunderstandings and hostility when it comes to debt distribution. The division of debt is important not just when a marriage ends, but also in the years that follow. 

You and your partner could have a mortgage that is underwater. You might not be aware that one spouse amassed thousands of dollars in credit card debt. The old automobile has been paid for, but not the new one. 

Situations like these are common and cause major arguments. Most marriages will have some sort of debt, and many divorces involve challenging economic situations. If you can’t agree on who is responsible for what, the court will decide for you.  (more…)

Depression Therapy – The Most Effective Treatment Options Available

There are lots of things you can try and cure your depression; however your heart must be in it. the very first step which should be considered is looking for psychological treatment because this can help the depressed person in a variety of ways. To begin with, supportive counseling exists to relieve the pain which is associated with depression. It can help to discuss your problems and also what is disturbing you. The therapist will endeavor to find the causes of your depression and also where it comes from. Its roots must be recognized and treated appropriately. (more…)

When to Contact a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can be really depressing and also disturbing on the victim not just physically and also mentally but also financially. You will see many individuals to give you advice to not worry after the auto accident and just accept no matter what insurance coverage you have. Nevertheless, oftentimes, a car accident attorney is really important to ensure you get everything you deserve as compensation. An auto accident attorney, though not mandatory, is still a significant help in numerous cases. (more…)