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Funny Riddles

A new craze of jokes has been going viral around the internet. A “Funny Riddle” is a riddle with a difference because it serves a twofold purpose.

Firstly, just like any other riddle, a funny riddle is a question that gets you thinking outside the square. But secondly, it will also make you laugh because the answer is so clever and witty at the same time.

A great example of a funny riddles would be – What has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck!

As you can tell, this riddle uses a pun on the word “flies” to have a double meaning which makes people laugh (if they have a good sense of humor of course.)

Now, these funny riddles are not to be confused with insults jokes. An insult joke is more of a joke that ends up with someone getting roasted in some way. (more…)

Travel Tips for Your Family

Owning kids does not always mean you must quit traveling. Even though you may still find several families looking forward to the kids to be of a particular age, or perhaps leaving them with some other family members to take very long journeys, the tendency to take the kids with them is happening more often.

Vacation together with your family

You can find a lot of countries which have wonderful attractions for the kids. Water parks, interesting attractions, themed, with wildlife, hotels in which you can find things to do for them or even places visited by other families in which our kids can meet a lot more kids. Try to look for common activities based on their age and get their attention. For instance, in Asia a good suggestion is to show them the snorkel and luxuriate in the seabed. In the wilds you can observe various kinds of animals, zip line or even participate in sports.

Pick direct routes

When you travel by airplane, avoid routes have scales. If they might have them, then they are generally not very long. Try, additionally, (more…)

A Charity Guide to Planning 2021 Fundraising Events

Learn about the format of hybrid event

If a whole virtual events calendar appears to be a worst case scenario, you could perhaps create hybrid events in your calendar. This evolving event format enables organizers to take advantage of both physical and virtual aspects.

Hybrid events are organized in a physical venue and a live online audience is also present. However, unlike streaming a live event, participation is the key to overcome the physical-virtual gap. Supporters come together along with physical participants to an event, experience and engage, ask questions and talk with fellow participants.

When confronted with the unknown,  virtual-physical  hybrid format, charities have the flexibility for their followers to plan  fun,  imaginative,  and novel interactions adapted to any restrictions. (more…)

Environmentally Conscious Travel Tips For The Family

Often times the most difficult part of travelingwith the family is finding a parking spot at your destination. It’s so prominent that recent research has indicated that Americans spend, on average, 17 hours a year searching for parking on streets, lots or in garages. As you might be able to imagine, parking availability in major U.S cities that are even more densely populated becomes increasingly more scarce. The time spent scouring for parking in your travel destinations can throw your schedule or itinerary for a loop, while also harming your vehicles fuel economy and the environment around you. Fortunately enough, there are a number of ways that you and your family can save gas and decrease your carbon footprint while traveling.

If your family is open to the option, one of the best ways to contribute in lowering your carbon footprint on smaller trips is through public transportation or bus tours. Granted this is the most eco-friendly alternative, it leaves a lot to be desired in what locations you can visit through these opportunities. As such, if your family is planning a trip, do your best to devise a carpooling strategy that can include all members of the trip in order to save time and fuel. In addition to this, ensure that the vehicles used in this strategy have been properly maintained through routine maintenance. (more…)

What Do You Need For Duck Hunting?

When you go on a hunting trip, you don’t want to forget anything important, including your hunting rifles. You want every trip you make to be enjoyable, but also successful. Having the right tools with you is important as you will be in the middle of nowhere. You don’t want to have to cut a trip short because you didn’t pack all the necessities. Did you remember extra ammo? How about your JJ Lares duck calls?

Here is a list of important items to take with you on your duck hunt.

Fire Power

You’ll probably not forget to bring your rifle, but how about ammo? It’s easy to misplace a box of shells or forget to put it with your things. Make sure you pack up your ammo with your rifle, so you are less likely to leave it behind. If you are taking additional guns, make sure to remember the ammo for those as well. Make sure your rifle is well cleaned and equipped with everything you want on it such as straps or scopes. (more…)