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Uoni Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Maker Teams Up With The ASPCA® To Help Pet Parents

Uoni, a home cleaning solutions provider and the maker of Uoni Global robotic vacuums, is today announcing its support of the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) as an ASPCA Business Ambassador. Uoni is committed to raise awareness about the ASPCA’s lifesaving work to protect, care for, and rescue animals across the United States.

More homes than ever before have discovered the joy of having a pet companion, particularly during the past year when so many people have been isolated due to the pandemic. According to the ASPCA, approximately 23 million American households have acquired a pet since the beginning of the pandemic. The unconditional love provided by a pet and the incentive for pet parents to be more active is just a few of the mental and physical health benefits of owning a pet.

Along with all the positives of having a pet in your home, the constant chore of cleaning up pet hair and food crumbs around the house can be a struggle for pet owners. Pet hair accumulates daily, so keeping up with it is particularly daunting for busy pet parents. (more…)

Signs That Your Roofs Need Immediate Repair

Repairing whole parts of residential roofs is really a big costs. Rather than let your roof get to the stage where you will need to tackle even higher costs, put money into precautionary repair and maintenance. Below are a few indicators that you are expecting a visit from the residential roofing contractor.

Extreme Weather

The most noticeable time to get an expert thoughts and opinions is in the consequences of a big storm or even natural catastrophe. Just like a physical injury, any deterioration to a roof is easier to repair soon after a damaging occurrence. The fact is that, homeowners always wait for insurance claims or even seasonal changes to contact the roofers. Waiting can make the issue worse. Avoid costing yourself more in such situations. When you notice or even feel an issue, most roofers will give you a free quote. (more…)

Winter Lawn Care – What You Should Know

Nobody would like to be out during winter, but proper lawn care is important. I hope you succeeded in doing all of the essential care before you start any seasonal work. The information presented here is for the majority of regions and when you might have any questions, you may consult your local lawn care expert.

Needless to say, you are not able to mow when there is 2 feet of snow on the garden, so for individuals who are now living in such areas you may relax until springtime. For anyone else, it is still necessary for Maintaining a Beautiful Winter Lawn. Remember that when your location temperatures do not change, your maintenance will not significantly change like other locations do.

For areas whose temperatures start to drop and also the growth of your lawn seriously slows down, there are actually a few tasks that you need to carry out in order to keep yard healthy even in the winter months. Winter can be a time for hibernation that numerous plants need; it is not only a period to recuperate from the previous year but to prepare for the next. (more…)

Mori at Guillemard

In district 14, Mori is a new freehold luxury condo that will be built near Guillemard road. An 8-storey tower fronting Jalan Mori and a 5-storey tower fronting Guillemard Road make up the complex, which has 137 residential apartments.

Mori showflat provides investors and consumers a variety of large unit sizes ranging from one to four bedrooms. As a result, Mori has the best of both worlds: easy access and convenience.

Mori is surrounded by a wide range of entertainment, eating, and retail opportunities. The planned development, which is part of both the Geylang and Marine Parade URA Masterplan as well as the Kallang URA Masterplan, will see and profit from the enormous change that is underway.

The freehold property has excellent apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms. These apartments unquestionably meet the demands and expectations of both first-time home purchasers and smart investors.

Mori is ideally situated in district 14 along Guillemard Road, near to Aljunied MRT and Mountbatten MRT. To reach Mori Confo, use Mountbatten Road, KPE Expressway or Nicoll Highway. (more…)

11 Ways To Put Extra Dining Chairs To Good Use

Whether you are hosting a lunch or late-night dinner party, it’s always good to have enough dining chairs to make your friends and guests feel comfortable.

But unless you have a separate dining room, keeping all the extra chairs around the dining table at all times is not such a good idea. Especially when you have a small immediate family and require no more than 4 seats a day.

So as seen in most homes, once the party is over, the extra lot of dining chairs are stacked away in a garage or storage closet, collecting dust and taking up plenty of space.

But not anymore!

We at Only Dining Chairs are a one stop shop for all your dining chair needs. Not only do we offer some of the best dining chairs in all of Australia, but we also offer the right advice when it comes to dining chairs.

So our design team at Only Dining Chairs sat together to list the most amazing and doable ways to put your extra dining chairs to good use. (more…)

Easy Ways to Make Your Plants Healthier and Richer

Planting seeds is among the most crucial elements of productive gardening. Getting seed packets are just a start though; right after planting, you need to provide support so that your seedlings can easily grow.

The very first thing you should know is that each and every variety of plant differs from the others regarding the planting procedure. To find out which kind of support you will require, research each of the varieties and the root systems. A good example of such support might be something like sand or gravel. Nevertheless, some varieties need more support compared to others, so you should definitely understand what every variety requires before you begin any process.

For every single approach, the way of planting varies. Many people choose the easiest method; nonetheless, it might not be the effective for you. No matter which method you end up picking, (more…)