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5 Common Construction Site Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there are over 70,000 construction site accidents annually. Construction is an inherently risky industry due to the many activities that take place on the site. Regardless of the size of the construction project, the job site is likely to have heavy machinery, pieces of equipment, materials being moved to and from the work area, and numerous activities. As a result, the potential injuries are higher compared to many other industries.

Here is a look at 5 common construction site injuries.

Falling From Heights

Statistics show that over half of all the fatalities relating to falling from heights occur in the construction industry. The construction workers, in most cases, are required to work from great heights. Learn of the common reasons for construction falls. (more…)

The prognosis for 2021 is optimistic


Burnout affects all sectors, particularly during pandemics, but medical burnout happens to be  the most severe. Burnout is on the rise among professionals, especially psychiatrists, and it affects both patients as well as doctors. The phenomenon of burnout begins in the medical school, which continues through residency and beyond.

40 percent or more physicians suffer from burnout; it depends on specialty and assessment tool, the APA’s poll found that the number of psychiatrists burnout is almost 80 percent. Despite the absence of statistics on the pandemic’s influence on burnout, it gives reason to be concerned—not only for physicians or employees, but for parents too.

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On either side, we’ve heard encouraging accounts from professionals who were pleased to be recognized for their efforts during the plague. Gratitude and engagement may be able to help stem the tide of burnout. (more…)

Getting All on 6 dental implants is better for you?

All on 6 dental implants are the best option due to the strength and stability it gives to the person, making it a more comfortable and long-lasting solution for that perfect smile.

Are you missing a full arch of teeth? Or any procedure may leave you with a lot of space? Dentures may come as a viable option, but all the cares for it to last (or not fall or seam fake) are not attractive at all?

All on 6 dental implants make it easier in the long run for:

  • Getting back to your normal routine
  • Enjoying eating again
  • Forget about removable dentures
  • Obtaining a lifelong solution

Each time you chew or bite into something, it’s important that the pressure is dispersed evenly onto your implants and through to your jaw. Making it as close of a biting experience as if you had with your original teeth. (more…)

Get Your Body Ready for Giving Birth

Making a decision to start a family and also have a baby can be a major one. Your entire life will alter including your whole body. In addition to having your body prepared for Giving Birth, you should also try to prepare the mind for this. It will take a huge portion of your life and you have to get yourself ready for this.

When it comes to preparing yourself emotionally, start having discussions with close friends that are parents already. Question them regarding their day-to-day routines, their kids and how their own lives are actually affected. You will need to know what you’re in for as this can provide reasonable expectations. Therefore, you need to be able to deal with situations better once you have your own kids and know a lot of their behaviour. For that reason you may have better management over your life as well as your mind.

When it comes to having your body prepared, you should begin taking folic acid nutritional supplements to get ready your reproductive system. Folic acid is crucial to the preliminary growth of the foetus, human brain development as well as the avoidance of spina bifida. Get into the schedule of consuming folic acid as soon as at least 3 months prior to conception. (more…)