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Choosing the Right Driveway Alarm System for Your Home

It does not matter whether you have a home security system or you want to improve the existing one; you need the best driveway alarm. With a driveway alarm, you can detect nearly all movements at the entrance of your home. It is unfortunate that most homes are not fully protected. Most of them have a few closed doors and windows protected by the security systems. For those who live on a large property that makes it complicated to place lots of alarm systems, then you should consider hiring a security guard.

However, the process of finding a driveway alarm can be quite overwhelming and confusing. The truth is that it is quite difficult to get all the driveway alarms straight. There are so many manufacturers, capabilities, and features. It becomes difficult to determine what is important to ensure you make the right decision. You can check some top picks at  The following are factors to consider when choosing a driveway alarm.


This is an important thing to consider when choosing a driveway alarm. It is advisable to know how far your sensor can be placed from the receiver. Also, if you are planning to expand your home security system in the future, you should take into account where to place the extra receivers or sensors. It becomes cheaper to add extra units to the existing system rather than purchasing a new system. Ensure you buy a system that has at least a range of 100 –inches.

Sensor Type

A lot of driveway alarm systems use PIR or passive infrared sensors. The good thing about these sensors is that they are accurate. Moreover, they offer a wide field of view and can pick up an animal, human, or vehicle. The fact that they are cost-effective makes them an ideal option. This is the case if your setup requires a lot of sensors paired to the receiver.

Extra Features

After narrowing down your choices based on the sensor type and range, there are many extra features that are intended for use. For instance, if you want to add them to an existing security system, it is advisable to get driveway alarms with 12v relay outputs. If you want to receive alerts when working outside the property, you should get a portable receiver. However, additional features result in an increase of the cost.

Although there are several driveway alarms on the market, you can easily and quickly narrow down your choices by determining the range you want. Also, you should consider other factors such as price, model, and your needs.

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