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Compliments that build confidence

hutt33We all love us some praise, and especially children. Note, however, that not every praise to build self-confidence. Excessive and wrongly formulated praise can lead the child is expected to delight every little thing you do is not good for the self-confidence. Praise that builds a positive belief in yourself is earned, it refers to a specific action, and repeated when necessary.

Help your child identify their abilities through the wise praise, here’s how:

Start by child attention.

Pay attention to the special talent, trait, skill or love for something that deserves recognition. You may notice a talent for art, or a character trait that is worthy of praise.

Then, wait a moment in which the talents or characteristics come to the fore.

This is the moment where you can pay tribute to the talent of the child or property. It is important that your message is a child, that child understand exactly what you want to praise in him, for example: “Ana you really have a sense of painting as you use all the beautiful colors in their drawings.” It’s a good idea to always use the same word to describe talent of the child, and to be precise why praise a child.

Then, praise the skill or talent several times over the next few weeks.

That way, your child will believe in the message before you send it, accept it and create their conviction on the basis of it. Make sure that each deserved praise. Wait for the rewards, especially money – the right words at the right time are the best reward.

Note that the habits of behavior acquired only after roughly 21 days of repetition.

The lower level of confidence of the child, the more likely you will have to repeat the praise. You can also shoot at a moment when a child is engaged in activity that you want to praise and potavite the photo to a prominent place in the home as a reminder of children’s talents. That moment when your child verbalize his talent and his awareness of his own skill or gift of the moment when this feature is definitely accepted.

What usually make praise your child?

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