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El Born, Barcelona is the ideal place to grab a bite to eat : The Pan’s Club

Once upon a time, the El Born district of Barcelona was home to only the wealthiest members of medieval society. Ideally located next to the clear blue sea, it’s easy to see why these rich patrons flocked to the area. Their influence can still be seen to this day, with examples of pretty much every major architectural movement to hit Barcelona. Wander through the streets of El Born, and you’ll see incredible buildings that you’ll want to take plenty of pictures of.

the pans club vegetarian barcelona

The creativity that has so long been a part of El Born continues into the present day, with so many museums and galleries dotting the district. There are also plenty of places to pick up something to eat, including The Pan’s Club– a restaurant that takes that creativity and makes it a core part of their menu. With a cool “flexitarian” approach to food, all of their veggie food is so tasty that even non-vegetarians will love it, so it’s a great place for anyone to stop by!

Their whole menu is absolutely delicious, having been put together by French chef Chloe Saada. You’ll find everything from quiches and salads, to smoothies and brownies for those with a sweeter tooth. Best of all, they do a trademark lunchbox that comes packed with tasty treats, that you can then take with you while you explore the rest of the city. El Born is well known for its many public squares, so it’s easy to find somewhere to sit in the sunshine and dig in to your lunchbox. A quiche, salad, and a refreshing smoothie- what more could you ask for!

the pans club barcelona

It’s clear that El Born is the perfect place to stay next time you visit Barcelona, with so much to offer that you could spend your whole vacation there. While you’re in the area, make sure you drop by The Pan’s Club, and see for yourself just how delicious their freshly made food really is!


The Pan’s Club
Plaça de la Llana, 16
08003 Barcelona -SPAIN
Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

T : +34 932 776 827





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