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Environmentally Conscious Travel Tips For The Family

Often times the most difficult part of travelingwith the family is finding a parking spot at your destination. It’s so prominent that recent research has indicated that Americans spend, on average, 17 hours a year searching for parking on streets, lots or in garages. As you might be able to imagine, parking availability in major U.S cities that are even more densely populated becomes increasingly more scarce. The time spent scouring for parking in your travel destinations can throw your schedule or itinerary for a loop, while also harming your vehicles fuel economy and the environment around you. Fortunately enough, there are a number of ways that you and your family can save gas and decrease your carbon footprint while traveling.

If your family is open to the option, one of the best ways to contribute in lowering your carbon footprint on smaller trips is through public transportation or bus tours. Granted this is the most eco-friendly alternative, it leaves a lot to be desired in what locations you can visit through these opportunities. As such, if your family is planning a trip, do your best to devise a carpooling strategy that can include all members of the trip in order to save time and fuel. In addition to this, ensure that the vehicles used in this strategy have been properly maintained through routine maintenance.

Throughout your family’s travel time, there are a number of ways to reduce the stress on your vehicle and the environment as well, start by getting your unit checked at From the air conditioning and heating elements of the vehicle, all the way down to the speed you’re driving throughout the trip; these can all have an effect on your vehicle and the environment. If you’re traveling during the summer months, or through warmer parts of the United States, rather than blasting your air conditioning, open the windows slightly to circulate air. For those traveling during the winter months, rather than cranking the heat on every startup of your family’s vehicle, let it gradually build up while driving. Rather than being concerned with driving the fastest speed to decrease travel time, maintaining the posted speed limits have been shown to decrease carbon emissions as well as increase your vehicle’s mileage.

As your family travels to any destination, be mindful of how often you’re cycling your vehicle on and off. Turning the vehicle on and off too frequently can contribute to unnecessary carbon emissions and wear on the vehicle. This is particularly true when in a parking spot. For example, if your family stops at a rest stop to use the restroom, or snag a few snacks from the vending machines, turn off your vehicle in order to conserve fuel.

In situations where your family is searching for parking spots throughout all of your trips, rather than searching for that sweet spot closest to the destination, elect to park at the first available spot you can find and walk to your destination. Within reason of course, this method not only offers physical benefits, it also does wonders for decreasing your vehicle’s emissions. For more information on eco-friendly traveling tips, check out the featured infographic below.

Author bio: Ian Todd is Director of Automated Parking Systems for Westfalia, a York, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer. Todd has more than 15 years of experience in automated parking systems in both Europe and the Americas, where he has held roles in product development, project management, marketing, and business development and sales.


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