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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Need Funeral Planning

Setting up a pre-need funeral plan is a smart move to prepare for the inevitability of death, one that provides you with several benefits. For one, it saves money by letting you manage what services and products you need on a budget. Another is that a contract gives you control over your funeral or burial choices, sparing your family from worrisome expenses and decision-making stresses during a time of grieving.

If you’re looking for funeral options, a pre-need contract can be a suitable choice for you. Continue reading for an in-depth look at this type of plan and how it helps secure your future.


A pre-need plan requires you to pay for funeral services and products ahead of time, whether through a one-time transaction or an installment payment setup. You can secure this type of contract through a funeral home, a cremation service provider, or as part of a pre-need life insurance policy.

Your funeral provider determines the costs of products and services, so prices may vary depending on who you approach. For example, a casket may be available at a modest price at one funeral home yet sold for double the price at another.

Important Questions To Ask Your Providers

Pre-need funeral planning is a big commitment, so before you enter an arrangement, try to learn as much as you can about your providers. Here are crucial things you should research or inquire about:

  • How long has your provider been in business?

  • Do they have a positive reputation?

  • How stable is their financial outlook?

  • Is the pre-payment refundable in case you choose not to proceed with them?

  • Will they still be in business should you need them in the future?

  • What ratings do they have based on client opinion?

  • Do they have any complaints or negative feedback from former clients?

Analyzing Your Contract

Like with all contracts, it’s best to understand the full terms of your pre-need funeral plan before signing on the dotted line. Use the questions below to examine your written arrangement thoroughly, and consult your lawyer or financial advisor should you need clarifications about your contractual obligations.

  • Does the contract offer flexibility?

  • Is it possible to change the products and services?

  • In case you move, can you hold the funeral in another city?

  • Is the contract transferrable to another funeral director?

  • What happens if the merchandise you chose is no longer available at the time of the funeral?

  • Will product delivery occur today or at the time of the funeral?

  • In the event of advanced delivery, where will caskets and vaults be stored?

  • Should the provider sell or go out of business, what will be the course of action?

  • To what extent is the price guaranteed?

  • Is it possible to cancel the contract?

Pros and Cons

Investing in a pre-paid contract offers presents a lot of upsides when it comes to funeral services and costs. Here are some benefits you get with this kind of arrangement:

  • Did you find the ideal cemetery or funeral home? Do you want to be buried at the same site where your other relatives are laid to rest? Paying in advance gets you the location you want, plus locks in the price.

  • If you pay for a pre-need funeral or burial arrangement, many providers will agree to fulfill product and merchandise delivery at current-day prices.

  • Pre-need payments can allow you to manage the value of your assets and determine your eligibility for financial assistance programs.

While there are positives, a few drawbacks can also arise when you enter this contractual arrangement. Below are a few potential downsides to pre-need funeral planning:

  • Entering a funeral trust can cause you to lose access to some assets.

  • Merchandise delivered early due to the terms of your contract may be subject to deterioration.

  • Being signed into a funeral contract can cause you to miss out on more cost-effective options that only become available in the future.

Start Pre-Need Funeral Planning Today!

One of the most selfless things you can do for your family is to fulfill the payment and set every arrangement required for your funeral. Be sure to talk to a reputable provider to get a sound pre-need funeral planning contract. By securing a comprehensive plan, you can help ease the financial burden of your loved ones and give them the grieving space they’ll need with fewer worries.

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