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Exploring the Reason Behind Rick Littlefield and Robin Hood Camp’s Selective Admissions Standards

Rick Littlefield says that with a gorgeous location, world-class instructional courses, and a thrilling list of adventurous activities, it’s no surprise that Robin Hood Camp attracts campers worldwide. In fact, Robin Hood Camp has entertained campers from over forty different countries during its nearly 100 consecutive years of operation. According to the camp’s owner and director Rick Littlefield, though, Robin Hood Camp has been able to achieve this high level of popularity and camper diversity despite the camp’s relatively selective admission standards.

To qualify for an invitation to Robin Hood Camp, prospective campers must submit two positive teacher recommendations in addition to sitting down for a personal interview with Rick Littlefield. According to Littlefield, this selective admissions process is a big part of what sets Robin Hood Camp apart from other children’s summer camps.

Rick Littlefield notes that “Our admissions process isn’t designed to turn kids away,” says Rick Littlefield. “It’s designed to ensure that the experience isn’t ruined for all the other campers due to one bad apple. We’ve become pretty effective at weeding out the bullies and the means girls and boys over the years. But beyond this, we want to make sure that every camper we invite is going to contribute to the environment of inclusiveness and acceptance that we are committed to fostering at Robin Hood Camp”.

This process of interviewing potential campers in person has taken Rick Littlefield all across the globe, and it’s a process he says he enjoys almost as much as overseeing the camp once it is in session.

“I love getting to meet with kids across a variety of cultures,” Rick Littlefield says. “Of course, having an excuse to travel the world is a nice bonus, but it’s getting to meet with the kids and their parents that really makes the process so rewarding. It’s been an incredibly eye-opening experience, and it’s something that I plan to continue doing as long as I’m able.”

Rick Littlefield emphasizes that Robin Hood Camp’s selective admission standards should not discourage any potential camper from applying. “We want anyone interested in a thrilling and educational experience to apply for Robin Hood Camp. If you are the type of person who will enjoy the camp and help make it enjoyable for everyone else, then we want you to apply. Our admissions process is selective, but only because we want to ensure that everyone who attends Robin Hood Camp exhibits the behaviors and values that we hold in high regard”.

It’s a formula that has worked incredibly well for Robin Hood Camp over the years, with 95% of campers learning about the camp through purely word-of-mouth advertising. Now, Rick Littlefield is hopeful that his stringent admissions process will continue to help make Robin Hood Camp a premier summer camp destination for many years to come.


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