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Family-Friendly Activities In Lehigh Valley PA

ju88nBesides its amazing beauty and local charm, Lehigh Valley offers a variety of activities that every member of the family—young and old—will enjoy. So if you are still undecided on where to go this spring, head on to Pennsylvania and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable, family-bonding escape.

Explore the famous Crystal Cave Park.

Touted as the oldest operating cave in Pennsylvania, the underground wonder that is Crystal Cave Park has been visited by millions of people since its discovery in 1871. Located in Kutztown, the historic Crystal Cave offers an exhilarating exhibit of sparkling calcium crystals that had been naturally and exquisitely carved through the ages. Along with the astounding flowstone formations that resemble a frozen waterfall, you will also enjoy the educational movie shown before entering the cave. Lots of fun facts are shared by the tour guide and ticket prices are reasonable too! Just remember to bring a sweater even in summer because it can get down to 50F inside!

Take an educational trip to the Da Vinci Science Center.

Children, especially the elementary-aged ones, will love going to the Da Vinci Science Center because of the engaging exhibits like the interactive Hurricane Simulator and What’s The Matter?, where visitors watch water freeze. If you’re bold enough, you and the kids can live the life of astronauts at the GyroSphere. It’s a life-sized gyroscope that spins riders in all directions to make them feel like astronauts training for spaceflight. As soon as the ride starts, you’ll feel your stomach drop, twist, and turn for 60 seconds.

Watch the explosion of colors at the Crayola Experience.

Kids love their coloring books and they will sure enjoy their favorite Crayola come to life. Located in downtown Easton, the magic starts as soon as you see the giant crayon hanging outside the entrance. The Crayola Experience is definitely a unique attraction where chemistry, color, and technology join together to form a colorful, delightful adventure for children. The four levels of the building feature 21 exhibits, as well as Café Crayola and the Crayola Store. Kids can also take part in making craft projects that they can take home and have fun learning how crayons and magic markers are made.

Pick strawberries at the Strawberry Acres.

Proud of its pick-your-own operation, pick your favorite red fruit right from the bushes for the freshest and juiciest strawberries. Of course, there are also pre-picked strawberries should you choose not to do it yourself but where is the fun in that? A trip to the Strawberry Acres can also be educational as you watch a film tour that explains the farm’s daily activities when it’s not picking season. Weekends are a great time to visit the farm because of the fun games and activities provided, such as pony rides, barnyard buddies, treasure hunting, and more.

Have a water adventure at Dutch Springs.

Pool water parks are overrated when lakes can give a natural water adventure here at DutchSprings. Head on to the AquaPark and jump on and off the lake via the Water Totter, the Icebergs, the Aqua Jump, and Saturn. Like a raft, ride and float on board the Aqua Mat; slide down the lake with a splash at the Summit. Dutch Springs makes the lake a fun-filled playground thanks to its giant watercrafts.

To make your family trip packed with more sightseeing, check out this vacation guide to help you plan the greatest holiday this year. The guide includes tips on restaurants, festivals and attractions, outdoor activities, cultural events, and historic museums to make sure that your schedule gets the most of Lehigh Valley.

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