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Family’s holiday in Palma de Mallorca

bgt66aWith the family’s repeated demands for a holiday trip, it gets difficult for a person to think of new and exciting locations. Now if you are a person who wants to explore something new, something which is still not unleashed for you and your family,then you should close your eyes, think of beauty, calmness and serenity and book your tickets for Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca or Palma, the way it’s said popularly is the capital of the Balearic Islands located in Spain. It is one of the economical and cultural hubs of the Balearic islands. Apart from the commercial aspect the place is well known for its scenic beauty, its wondrous locations and extremely breathtaking hospitality. You might be surprised to know that it is one of Spain’s most important tourist destinations attracting visitors from all over the world.

Palma is located on the south coast of the Balearic island on the Bay of Palma, you can plan a holiday to this place and enjoy the holiday resort and commercial port apart from the nature, the beaches and beautiful sea. Palma is also the center for most of Majorca’s hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, hence also has an amazing nightlife.

Just imagine how peaceful it feels when you think of you and your partner walking the side of blue water hand in hand in a serene environment during day and together drooling on a catchy number in a nightclub at night. This is surely life.

When you are at Palma de Mallorca,you can choose to explore the main centre of Palma or the northwest coast of Palma surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain ranges or even try for the north and east coast vivid beaches.

Apart from the blissful nature, Palma is also blessed by centuries of rich history. You should try and not miss out the sights of the ancient architecture of the place which would reflect tremendous influence and art forms. Do visit the cathedral, the Palace of Almudaina, the Bellver castle, “El Puig de San Pere”, the fish market, “La Lonja” and Plaza Mayor which are some of the amazing places and surely“do not miss” places.

If you travel a lot you would know that there are many places which would have beautiful architecture, however the architecture of Palma is unique not only in design but the exteriors as well, you would notice that the fishing boats, pine groves and palm trees complement these beautiful monuments.

You can even try your hand on some adventurous stuff when in Palma as the coastal landscape of Palma is filled with coves, beautiful beaches and surprising cliffs, which surely are challenging.

This seems to be a combination of different things, you can get nature,adventure,architecture and hospitality all packed in a small name called Palma. If you want to visit and witness the serenity of the place, just check out online and you would find websites guiding you how to travel and which way to take.

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