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Follow These 7 Tips to Stay Fresh When You Get Off the Plane

Traveling by plane during long trips is certainly quite boring. For example, traveling to Bali from US takes more than 20 hours. Your movement on the aircraft is limited, and there are not many activities, so people usually sleep. 

When falling asleep, your clothes, hair, and face are wrinkled. As a result, when you arrive in Bali, you get off at the airport in fatigue, even though you should look fresh and cheerful because you are going on vacation in Bali. 

Well, there are several ways to look fresh when you get off the plane.  

Drink lots of water

The air in the airplane cabin can make you dehydrated because the body fluids are absorbed. For that, maintain water levels in the body by drinking plenty. Moreover, during the day, you will be sedentary, so that drinking water will be healthier during the trip. 

Wear comfortable clothes

Convenience is key when traveling long distances. So, don’t wear clothes that are too heavy or too light such as using a backless dress. These clothes will only make you uncomfortable, not to mention if you want to sleep, it must be quite inconvenient if the clothes aren’t comfortable, right? 

Use lip balm and body lotion

Use moisturizers such as lip balms and lotions to prevent the body from drying out. Lip balm can prevent lips from drying out, and lotion can add moisture to body parts such as hands and feet. If your face is getting dry, use a moisturizer to keep it moisturized. For some people, using a sheet mask can be a solution so that the face is not dry and remains smooth. 

Use blindfolds when sleeping

Use an eye mask when you want to sleep so you don’t get distracted by the lights. With this blindfold, you can get better quality sleep so that when you get off the plane, you don’t look tired because of lack of sleep.

Eat healthy foods

As much as possible, avoid instant food while on a long flight. Feed your body with healthy foods that you bring yourself, such as granola, salads, and fruit. If it’s too much of a hassle, you can order a more nutritious menu from the flight attendant. 

Brush teeth before landing

When the trip is about to end, immediately brush your teeth to look fresh when you get off the plane. If that’s not possible, chew mint-flavored gum to keep your breath fresh and your mood better. 

Use additional accessories

Before landing, use additional accessories that strengthen your holiday look, for example, Indonesian batik scarves, ethnic necklaces, sunglasses, and so on. Using these accessories will ignite your enthusiasm, and your face will automatically become fresher.

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