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Generate extra income from home by becoming a Scentsy Consultant

If you are trying to find a creative business that can be managed from the comfort of your home, then Scentsy can be right opportunity for you. With focus on quality products, Scentsy can generate profit by offering an impressive selection of wickless wax along with other scented products.

Scentsy also offers people the opportunity to take part in the Direct Selling community whether you currently have experience or not. The Independent Consultants who join Scentsy will get a good compensation for their excellent leadership, free shipping on particular purchases, and no credit card fees. The Independent Consultants can make their own decisions on where and when to work and they have much control of how much revenue they can generate.

Experience in sales and marketing is not required to be a Scentsy Consultant. Establishing and maintaining good relationships with prospective clients are required to achieve success in selling Scenty products. The particular person who becomes your sponsors will help you get started and take advantage from the training and support the company offers.

Those who want to be a new Consultant can Join Scentsy for $20 in May 2020. With this new join promotion, they are focusing on positivity – the opportunity it brings to help you grow your business and the chance it gives others to experience the happiness that comes with being a part of the Scentsy family.

So, beginning at 12:01 a.m. PT May 1, prospective Consultants can purchase the Value Starter Kit for $20.* This kit includes:

  • Scentsy Mini Warmer (warmer will vary)
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • 5 Spring/Summer 2020 Catalogs
  • Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
  • 20 Fragrance Testers
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free Personal Website (PWS) for three months; just $10 per month after that

This promotion is available while supplies last!

After becoming a Scentsy Consultant, You can talk to your Sponsor and you can also access web-based training tools, and discuss many things with others in Scentsy online forum.
Scentsy offers a great opportunity whether you want to start your career in sales or you just want to generate extra income.

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