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Do you love your office cube? A certain percentage of people working in many offices aren’t happy with their workstations.  And because of that they often fail to fulfill their duties and they turn out to be unproductive workers. So, in the later days they end up losing the job or resigning from it. Well, are you one of them? Don’t worry! Instead, be happy because during this season of joy, Contest Factory launched its Pimp My Cube Contest. The quest of this event is to seek for the worst places to work in. “WORST” means everything from orderliness to safety and whatsoever which makes your workplace undeniably nasty, chaotic, messy, and whatever you can call it! One important thing you should do in order to get into this contest is just upload a video showing your “WORST” workplace. Then, you invite your family, friends, and whoever you might know to vote for your video.

So, if your entry will be chosen by the CF judges then you going to be so lucky. The approximate total grand prize value of this contest is $1200. Now, the prize is to actually renovate and update your workplace to make it a better flat to work with. There are actually three prize packages which are: New high end computer system, New Desk, Chair and Decorations, and New Entertainment Package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc. So, this is indeed a good and easy way to solve your problems in your workplace. Now since the contest is at its very fresh stages then you might easily catch the attention of the voters and particularly the judges.

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