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Hard to convince people

It is very hard to convince people who don’t want to listen. These past few days I’ve been spending few moments arguing with several people around me. Well it about the very few matters towards religious facts that I believe. The issue was triggered because they found out that I visited a place wherein there is a group of people who are into religious things such as preaching the good news, and reading, sharing and interpreting the Holy Scriptures. I found it very nice to spend some times with them because I just want to be knowledgeable in dealing with my religion. But my family means it as a cult and is dangerous for me but I know more of it because I was the one who saw and witness the place.

I appreciate their ways because not like others who are into the same things, I notice that there is peace of mind in there. Not like the other catholic groups around the city, they don’t mind if there are only a few of people in their circle. My friend told me that there are only less than 20 people in the group which proves that they are not working for the good of their group but for the people. I’ve been longing to see a group like this because somehow, in the past, I’ve attended several religious activities but it found it very different. I didn’t get what I am seeking for because usually people shares their richness and success which is in reality is not a good example for what I call sacrifice. I am seeking for those ones who don’t care about success, money, and improvements in life when talking about serving God. Well I don’t want to hit somebody’s pride because it is only what I want and what I believe.

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