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Here are 4 Tourist Spots in Bromo that You Must Visit!

Bromo Indonesia is one of the tourist areas visited by many tourists both local and abroad. Inside the area, there are various spots that you can visit when traveling.

However, many people don’t know about the beautiful spots in the Bromo tourist area. In this article, we will discuss four tourist spots on Mount Bromo that you can’t miss.

4 Tourist Spots in Bromo

Here are some tourist attractions in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area that are very beautiful and charming.

  1. Bukit Cinta

Bukit Cinta, also known as Love Hill, is the first must-visit spot. From this hill you can enjoy the maximum viewpoint of the sunrise which will spoil your eyes and heart.

In addition, through this spot, you can see the beauty of three mountains, Mount Batok, Mount Bromo, and Mount Semeru. You will enjoy all this beauty to the fullest in the nice weather and not foggy.

  1. Luhur Poten Temple

As the majority of people that live around Mount Bromo are Hindus, Luhur Poten Temple is one of the places to pray and worship for Hindus in the Tengger Bromo area.

Here you can witness the beauty of the temple, and if you are lucky, you can see various religious events going on there. With a large Hindu community, the government has included the Bromo area as one of the locations for the future Bali city area.

  1. Teletubbies Hill

The third spot that you must visit is Teletubbies Hill. It’s called Teletubbies Hill because of the appearance and beauty of the green expanse of hills, that’s very similar to where the Teletubbies live as it is shown in the TV show.

This location presents a very wide and beautiful green landscape so you can refresh your mind and soul. Not infrequently, this spot is used as a pre-wedding photoshoot location because of the beauty of the green expanse of the hills.

  1. Whispering Sand

The last spot is Whispering sand. As far as the eye can see, you will see a vast expanse of sand.

This location is the main attraction when traveling to Mount Bromo because it covers an area of 5,920 hectares, and you can’t get this view anywhere other than Mount Bromo.

This sea of sand was formed because in ancient times there was a small eruption between two mountains that were close to each other then the volcanic materials formed a caldera.

Releasing tiredness and fatigue by traveling is one of the best things to do regularly. Some of the tourist spots in the Mount Tengger, Semeru, and Bromo National Parks above can be noted as the next tourist target for you and your family.

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