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Holiday ideas in European cities and Golf Breaks Turkey

nhy00There is nothing better than a break in the city. Most European cities offer excitement, culture and entertainment. Whether it is museums full of artifacts interesting architecture or vibrant night life most capital cities in Europe can fulfill all of these tastes.

Holidays on a sea

What could be better than a relaxing holiday by the sea? Imagine the warm sun beating down and the gentle lapping of the ocean. A holiday on the beach is a typical example of what the word ‘holiday’ conjures up. There is no wonder that this is one of the most popular choices for families. The beach can provide hours of entertainment in digging alone, and what with paddling dinghies, snorkeling, there are days and days to be filled by the sea.

There are many popular destinations in Europe which can provide a holiday on the coast in warm temperatures. From the Costa’s in Spain to the Greek Islands or even the French or Italian Rivera’s, there is the ideal destination for everyone wanting a coastal holiday.

Holidays on a Lake

Holidays on a lake can provide some of the best water sports around without having to rely on tides or unfavorable conditions.  The scenery around lakes is often what attracts many visitors. For example the Italian Lakes or the English Lake District, can often offer beautiful surroundings with many activities.

Holidays in the countryside

What better than to escape from it all? None of the hustle and bustle of crowds fighting for a deck chair! To escape to the country for a holiday conjures up images of rolling fields, wholesome food and good wine. This can be the perfect break for those who just want to escape it all. There are many destinations throughout Europe which could provide such a holiday. The Champagne region, or Province in France, Tuscany in Italy or the Galacia in Spain are just a few of the many places to choose from.

Holidays in the mountains

What better than to take a holiday in the mountains. They are great fun in the winter for those who want to Ski or Snowboard and just as stunning in the summer and can still offer plenty of action packed activities. Even for those who are a little less interested in activities, the mountains can still offer a beautiful retreat for a holiday. There are many destinations to choose from in terms of mountains in Europe but undoubtedly the Alps are one of the most spectacular ranges and they spread over a number of countries so this adds to their appeal.

Activity Holidays

Europe can certainly cater for all tastes when it comes to activity holidays. What about horse back riding along the beaches of Ireland, White water rafting in France, Scuba Diving in Greece, Climbing in the Alps, Skiing, playing Golf in Turkey (check out Deals for golfing in Turkey), hiking in the Scottish highlands. There is almost every activity catered for.

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