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Household Chores Appropriate For Your Children

Being a parent often means doubling as a personal maid for your children. Even if unintended, common spaces in the home become messy in a few short moments. Not all of the cleaning responsibility should fall on a parent’s shoulders. Motivating your children to assist in common household chores is one way to take some of the burden off your chest.

Understanding A Child’s Lack Of Motivation

Responsibility for these tasks around the home can often be difficult for children to accept. At a young age, most children identify chores as something that takes time away from their hobbies rather than a way to maintain a clean and organized home. Parents should prioritize instilling a different outlook on chores in their children at a young age to make sure they’re willing to cooperate when asked.

It’s imperative for parents to stray away from cleaning as a punishment at a young age. This is the prime motivator for children to disassociate with these types of tasks. Meaning if parents hope to keep their children willing to help, they should find other ways of effective punishment. This is exacerbated if one child is punished while their sibling is not.

Here are some tips for convincing your children to help around the home:

Splitting Up Chores Based On Age Group

It’s important for parents to establish early that no child is exempt from these types of chores. Some common strategies include a chore chart, which separates different chores for different children based on a given week. The roles of these chores would shift, allowing each child a chance at a different chore in each week. Sure, some chores might be easier than others, but that gives children something to look forward to.

Here are some breakdowns of chores that are age appropriate for different children.

Toddler and Pre-Schooler Chores

  • Returning their toys to where they were stored
  • Throwing away small pieces of trash
  • Helping siblings make their beds

Elementary School Aged Chores

  • Basic cleanup of spills or messes they make
  • Helping set the table before any meal with family
  • Regular watering of houseplants or outdoor garden plants or vegetables
  • Cleaning dishes or loading the dishwasher
  • Light sweep of floors, garage, patio, etc.
  • Aid younger siblings with their chores or homework

Instilling Children With Good Habits

Though you may feel guilty about it at times, ensuring children are involved with these chores is better for them in the long run. Establishing a sense of household responsibility early is imperative in forming healthy habits as children grow up. Don’t let the chores your children do go without gratitude. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and boast about how great the house looks as a result of their handwork. Finding the balance between work and fun can be difficult, but any willing parent can achieve it. For more information on how to do so for your kids, check out the infographic accompanying this post. Courtesy of Carpet Cleaning Group.

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