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How Good Parents Use a Baby Bathtub

Babies need to be well washed and clean. The problem is your baby cannot shower. This means their cleanliness is solely your responsibility. Wiping them will work with a little dirt but you are going to need to consistently bath your baby if they are to be “squeaky” clean. How do you do it? Where do you do it? Well, the answer to the last question, is in a baby bathtub and for the first question we are going to walk you through it.

Choose the Right Tub

It all starts with the tub you choose. This means that you must pick a bathtub that fits your surroundings. There are standalone baby bathtubs. We recommend this one mainly because you can even bath your baby in the bedroom or even outside with this one. They are more expensive though compared to inflatable baby bathtubs. Inflatable baby bathtubs require you to have a normal sized bathtub. If funds permit, you should go with standalone baby bath tube. You will never go wrong with these.

Bathing Your Baby in A Bathtub

Have Everything In Place Before the Bath

One thing that you should not do when bathing your baby is leaving them unattended. Accidents can happen and they tend to happen often when babies are left alone in a tub. To avoid this, you should have all your things in place before you start bathing your baby. Here is a small list of all the essentials you need to have within reach before you start bathing your bundle of joy.

  • Drying towel
  • Wash cloth
  • Clean diaper
  • Clean clothes
  • Soap and shampoo (if you plan to use these)

The Water

With everything in place, the next thing is preparing the bathwater. We cannot emphasize how important it is to have clean water for bathing your baby. It is a no-brainer, but it is important we emphasize it. Temperature and amount of the water are also important. The recommended temperature if bathwater is 38 degrees Celsius with a +/-2 range. Anything more or less than that will make your baby bathing experience terrible. In terms of the amount of water, the water should only be 2-2.5 inches from the base of the tub.

Bathing the Baby

Although babies can make quite a mess of themselves, there is need to be as gentle as possible when you are bathing them. Remember babies are tender and they require nothing but the best of care. Use one hand to support your baby as you place them in the bathtub. Start by washing the baby’s face and hands. If you are using soap, avoid it getting into your baby’s eyes. Some brands can have a stinging effect on your baby.

Make sure you reach areas where the skin folds and you clean them thoroughly. Bacteria tends to be more localized in those areas. The diaper area should be cleaned last and cleaned thoroughly Make sure you repeatedly rinse the diaper area as it tends to harbor a lot of dirt.

Once you are done, dry your baby and get them some warm clothes as soon as possible.

NB: You do not have to bath your baby every day!


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