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How to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding

Getting married might be unbelievably expensive. However if you do not want to begin your marriage up to your eyeballs in debt then stick to these tips to keep down the expense of your wedding.

Being economical on the venue

Are you eager to have a summer or spring wedding? When the answer is no then the largest saving you might make is having your wedding ceremony throughout the winter season. The expense of hiring the venue will certainly be less expensive – especially if you choose a week day instead of a weekend. Winter weddings might be amazingly romantic. When you reside in the UK there is absolutely no guarantee that the weather in the summer is going to be good and nothing is better than a clean, clear, sunny winter’s day

Keeping the expenses of the wedding reception down

It might be that you would like to invite the guests in your wedding but that’s where you might have to be a bit questionable. Make an effort to keep the number of visitors to below 50 or 60 and then invite other people you don’t want to leave out completely.

Wine and Champagne

Make a deal with the venue owner about champagne and wine costs. It might be less costly to provide your own and also pay corkage on it or you can find No Corkage Wedding Venue in your area. With so many grocery store deals,  you might get a reasonably decent wine for cheaper prices and preferably the corkage will not screw your wallet.


This is one more area in which you may make huge savings. It is all wonderfully spending for an costly wedding ceremony photographer, but why don’t face it, nowadays it is eminently easy for amateur photographers to capture wonderful photos. One more thing to keep in mind is that the trend in wedding ceremony photography today is to capture informal shots – especially ones in which the individuals in the shot do not even see it is being captured – instead of ultra posed ones. Consider giving 2 or 3 of your friends, with good cameras to be your wedding photographers. You are bound to end up having a lot of wonderful shots and then what you just have to do is actually upload them a website that specializes in placing them into a photo album.

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