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How to Explore Mexico City in 3 Days

fhfghtMexico City is a destination that is completely stuffed with culture and history. Nevertheless, there is so much to do and see in Mexico City. To give you some help, I have created a Mexico City itinerary which can help you enjoy your 3 days in Mexico City and visit the most City sight-seeing opportunities.

On the first day, we are going to explore Centro Historico that offers a lot of history of the city’s colonial past, Centro Historico is really convenient to travel by walking, and you do not need to bother about transport there. And this itinerary starts at the heart of the city: Zócalo. This area has become one of the largest city squares in the world. And when you are standing in the middle of Zócalo, you will see the most impressive structures. It is Metropolitan Cathedral which has become the biggest cathedral in the Americas.


The next visit is within distance: the National Palace. It is not any longer the President’s authorized home, it is still a wonderful house and free entry to get into. Don’t skip the Lucha Libre show. Lucha Libre is similar to wrestling, but rougher and dirtier. However many local people love this show.

On the second day, we will be scheduling two visits: La Casa Azul, and Mercado de Coyoacan. These places are located in the Coyoacan district; you can there via a taxi or even public transport. La Casa Azul or blue house Labeled for its unique blue walls, this place was inhabited by Frida Kahlo, a Mexico’s most popular artist. The house now has been transformed into a museum of her fine artworks, and it has become a good place to find out more about the wonderful life of the fine art.


The next stop will be on beautiful neighborhood at the Mercado de Coyoacan. This timeless Mexican market is the right destination to enjoy your trip for some cuisine. It also serves the local people, offering home-cooked food along with clothes, crafts, and groceries.


The next stop, it is time for you to pay a visit to a district with a really unique environment: Xochimilco. Situated in the south of Mexico City, this place is really popular for the canal network. In the midst of the canals, you can find some floating gardens. The most convenient way to enjoy Xochimilco is by colorful boats that you can rent for a sightseeing tour of the canals.

On the last day, I highly recommend visiting a perfectly fashionable neighborhood: Roma Norte, Which is the center of Mexico City’s hipster community, it’s the single most stylish neighborhoods in city, nicely situated just 2 miles from the heart of Mexico City. This is cool place with its various bars, restaurants, and museums.


In the mid afternoon, it’s time for you to make your way to the nearby area of Condesa . Condesa offers a lot of fashionable boutiques, so when you have enough money for shopping, you can enjoy your shopping for the most up-to-date fashions. Condesa truly goes alive during the night, and that is why yp can spend your last trip in Mexico City by having a party in the night away.

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