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How to Make an Indoor Kids’ Birthday a Memorable One

bhxd3The summer is almost behind us, which means that the weather is going to be less and less ideal for outdoor birthday parties. This is bound to bum out kids born in the fall or winter. But it’s not all that bad. Even though you cannot use the family pool or plan an outdoor picnic, there are still a lot of ways you can make an indoor party equally as entertaining, such as setting up an indoor play place. You may also want to celebrate this in an indoor event venue to make it a lot fun and exciting for the kids.

In this article, we give you 4 ideas to make an indoor party fun for your kids and their guests.

Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos

The best party ideas are usually the simplest, most affordable ones. If you are throwing a night party, consider getting Glow in the Dark temporary tattoos and turn your home into a glowing party. You can even use these tattoos as invitations to the party or send them out with the invitations. You can order high-quality, custom glow in the dark tattoos here:

You can top this idea with other Glow in the Dark elements like strobe lights and glow sticks. Kids will love running around in the dark, so make sure to light the pathways with LED lamps or other sources, so they don’t trip and fall. Safety first!

Drive-In Indoor Cinema

While Drive-In movies are not the craze they were back in the day, kids still love the concept of taking your car to the movies. Why not give kids a chance to see how fun a drive-in cinema is. Use old cardboard boxes to make cars/seats and create your very own drive-in cinema inside your home. Make sure to provide a lot of popcorn and sodas, find an interesting movie (maybe look through a list of recent Blu-Ray releases) and enjoy. To top it all, after the movie ends bring out the car-shaped cake!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

While the scavenger hunt is a popular outdoor activity, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing a scavenger hunt indoors. Place clues around your home and have the kids look for rewards. Just make sure there’s a reward for every kid so no one gets left out. The final clue can lead to the birthday cake.

To make it even more interesting, pick out a theme for the hunt. While buried pirate treasure is a popular outdoor theme, your indoor theme could be a haunted house with the hidden treasures they have to find to lift the curse. Your imagination is the limit!

Indoor Camping

The rain outside does not have to spoil the fun of camping. You can raise a few tents inside your home and provide kids with picnic-themed snacks. While roasting marshmallows may be a bit difficult inside (if you don’t have a fireplace), there are still tons of other fun activities you can bring indoors, including telling scary stories, playing hide and seek and more.

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