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How to write a good resume?

Without basic application documents, including CVs, today it is difficult to imagine how you can get a job. To stand out from the competition, it is worth taking your CV seriously. What elements should be included and what is better to omit in order to present yourself to a future employer in the best possible light? A few valuable tips can be found in the guide below.

First and foremost: Reliability

You need to put a lot of effort into writing a good resume. In a time when the most popular way to communicate with a company is electronically, a resume is the first (and in many cases the last) document an employer has to deal with. A competently written curriculum vitae is a pass to the further stages of the recruiting and interview process, where you can present yourself to the recruiter in all your glory.

As for chronology, the information should be presented in reverse order, that is, from the newest to the oldest.

Choice of information

When writing your resume, don’t forget to include the most important information about your education, skills and previous jobs. This is the main section on your resume. A well-structured resume should be written for a specific position and job offer. Based on this assumption, you only include information on previous jobs that match your current employment plans in nature and profile.

For example: in a situation where our professional experience is quite extensive, you should only mention jobs that show that you can handle the obligations imposed by a future employer.

So: a graphic designer with years of experience doesn’t necessarily need to write about his student experience picking asparagus in Spain. This type of information won’t add anything new to your resume, and will only add more chaos to the document. The space saved in this way can be put to good use, such as mentioning an additional course in creating graphics for social media or writing about interests that will show a complete picture of the candidate. For example, a passion for computer games positively strengthens the perception of a candidate who is applying for a 3D graphic designer position at a design company.


Although opinions are divided about including a photo on your resume, a professionally taken photo increases the chances that you’ll hold a recruiter’s attention longer. Every recruiter intuitively prefers to know what the candidate they are inviting for an interview looks like.

It is worth remembering that the photo for the resume should be of good quality and have a formal character. It is important to properly highlight the face, as well as to observe moderation in makeup. In formal documents such as resumes, beware of photos that show us in private situations devoid of professional context, such as on vacation or at a student party.

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